Matilda Little Killer


Funeral services for 78-year old Matilda Little Killer are Wed, June 16, 2021 at 4:00 at the TNT Center in Wanblee, SD, with Deacon Harold Condon officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Richard Moves Camp and Ms Darla Black

Burial is at the Little Killer Family Plot in Wanblee.

A two-night wake service starts Monday, June 14, at 4:00, also at the TNT Center in Wanblee with prayer services at 7:00 each night.

Matilda P. Little Killer was born on July 3, 1942 in Kadoka, SD to Mary Moves Camp-Between Lodges and Paul Between Lodges. Matilda made her journey to the Spirit World on June 2, 2021 in Wanblee, SD.

Matilda is survived by her children, Angelita Red Blanket, Corrine Little Killer, Crissy Little Killer, Suzette Between Lodges, Amber Andrews, Josephina Little Thunder, Priseis Bear Killer, Reginald Little Killer, and Leon “Tog” Little Killer; 3 great-great-grandmothers; nieces, Anita Brown, Teresa Gomez, Carol Randall, Carlette Randall, Mary Jane Randall, Jackie Waldner, Sheena Between Lodges, and Joni, Lisa, and Wynette Mesteth; nephews, Kermit Randall, Jarrod Iron Horse, and Chad & Nelson Mesteth; grandchildren, Lois, Nita, Carlene, and Regaleen; and 35 great-grandchildren. 

Matilda was preceded in death by her parents, Mary Moves Camp-Between Lodges and Paul Between Lodges; spouse, Franklin Little Killer; daughters, Adelia Little Killer and Arvella Iron Horse; sons, James Iron Horse and Victor Iron Horse; brothers, Wilbur Between Lodges and Wayne Between Lodges; sisters, Ramona Randall, LaVina Between Lodges, Pearl Dull Knife, and Darlene Mesteth; and grandson, Owen Herrera.

Pallbearers will be DeWayne Thunder Shield, DeVaughn Between Lodges, Hoksila Luta Quiver, Sinte Bear Killer, Joe Brown, Sean Brown, Reed Brown III, Jacob Zundel, Seth Between Lodges, Leon Between Lodges, Lionel Between Lodges, Sr., Carson Between Lodges, Clay Pumpkin Seed, Cleland Pumpkin Seed, Jr., Benjamin Quiver, Jr., Mato Mani Quiver, Falcon Quiver, Chase Quiver, Horacio Red Blanket, Makhi Between Lodges, Lionel Between Lodges, Jr., Aurreon Between Lodges, Axton Between Lodges, Anthony Jumping Eagle, Cashius Jumping Eagle, Logan McCloskey, Ryan Bear Killer, Sage Bear Killer, Newt Herrera, Derek Comes From War, Preston Black Bear, Jesse Andrews, Tyrell Andrews, Layton Andrews, Jesse Andrews, Jr., William Andrews III,  Joseph Andrews, Alejandro Andrews, Josiah Andrews, Alberto Andrews, Andy Iron Horse, Cody Horned Antelope, Jonni Little Thunder, and Sage Brown. 

Honorary pallbearers will be Jackie Waldner & family, Jarrod Iron Horse & family, Evelyn “Topa” Moves Camp, Annie Red Elk, Harold & Geraldine Condon, Mona Brave & family, Jerome High Horse & family, Linda, Cora, Glenda, Sue, Lenee and Kenee Yellow Elk, Joyce Doyle, Leonard “Sonny” Yellow Elk, Jr., Gertie Yankton, Arletta Has No Horse, Dick & Carol 

Lee, Abel & Betty Red Bird, Isabel Apple, Julius Mesteth, Ray Stevens, Chadwick & Tammy Mesteth, Susan Crabtree-Arnold, Brother Steve, KJ Red Elk, Vina High Horse, Cherry High Horse, Clara Loafer, Darrin Pumpkin Seed, LaCosta Moran, Mavis Wilcox, Florida Jealous Of Him & family, Jon & Rose Little Thunder & family, Toyer Brown & family, Reed Brown, Jr. & family, Keith Brown & family, Elign & Rhoda Red Blanket, Chance Winters & family, Clifford “Beaver” Richards, Susan Schrader & family, Stephanie Apple & family, Lee & Darcie Horned Antelope & family, Gregory Horned Antelope, Eddie Gomez & family, Adele Gomez & son, Lynda Horned Antelope & family, Winters family, Two Elk family, Condon family, Frances Ashley, Esther Rooks, Mona Brave, Iris Between Lodges, Chuck Long Soldier, Lahn Long Soldier, Carlin Red Blanket, Sr., Rick Red Blanket, Cleland “Jones” Pumpkin Seed, Sr., Clarence Yellow Hawk, Roland Bear Killer, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD