Miles Bannan Only Candidate On Ballot For 2-Yr Chadron City Council Term


     Chadron City Councilman Miles Bannan will be the only candidate on the ballot to fill out the remaining 2 years on the council of Keith Crofutt, who resigned earlier this year.

      Bannan didn’t file for reelection this year, citing upcoming changes in his personal and professional lives including his pending marriage.

     George Klein was appointed to fill Crofutt’s seat for the rest of this year, but was already a candidate for a 4-year term and didn’t file for the 2-year term.

     Normally, an incumbent can’t run for any office if they don’t file by their deadline, but that doesn’t apply in this case because Crofutt resigned after the filing deadlines for both incumbents and newcomers.

     Bannan said last month that in the time since Crofutt’s resignation he’d come to realize there are still a number of important city projects to be addressed in the next 2 years he wants to be part of, so he filed for the seat – and no one else did.

      Dawes County Clerk Cheryl Feist says individuals can still declare as write-in candidates, but by Octo 28 need to file paperwork and pay a fee to allow election officials flexibility to include write-ins that don’t spell the name correctly,