Name Of Armed Man Wounded By Gering Police Released


Ryan Murphy/KNEB/RRN

     Authorities have released the name of the armed man shot and wounded by a Gering police officer Wednesday morning at a Gering residence.

     53-year old Dannie Emrick is described as in stable condition at Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff.

   Gering Police Captain Jason Rogers says officers were dispatched to the home following calls about a man, later identified as Emrick, who was making statements of self-harm. 

     When officers arrived, Emrick pointed a gun at one of them. That officer fired his service weapon and hit Emrick, who was immediately given emergency aid by the officers before being transported to Regional West Medical Center by ambulance.. 

     Captain Rogers says the Gering department asked the Nebraska State Patrol to handle the investigation of the shooting. That work by the Patrolโ€™s Special Investigations Team is ongoing.