Names Released In Fatal Shooting By Off-Duty Omaha Cops

     The names of the 2 off-duty Omaha police officers who shot and killed 2 men in an SUV early Saturday morning have finally been released.

       Captain Jay Leavitt and Officer Robert Soldo have been on paid leave since the shooting, but their identities remained sealed until after they were interviewed by investigators yesterday. 

       Soldo has been an officer for over 8 years while Captain Leavitt is a 25-year veteran of the Omaha department. He was cleared of wrong-doing in an incident last June in which he and other officers wounded a man who was firing a rifle at a home.

       Details have still not been released in the deaths of 26-year old Fernando Rodriguez-Juarez and 28-year old Jonathan Hernandez-Rosales.

      Police found a handgun in their SUV, but haven’t said if there was anything illegal about the gun, what led the officers to open fire, or whether they identified themselves as police before shooting. 

         Police officials have said many details will be released and discussed during a news conference scheduled for tomorrow.