Nathaniel Bad Milk


Funeral services for 27-year-old Nathaniel Bad Milk are Wed, Dec 7, 2022 at 2:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD.

Burial is at the White Wolf Cemetery, Mission Flats, Pine Ridge, SD

A one-night wake service starts Tues, Dec 6, at noon at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge.  

Nathaniel Joseph Bad Milk was born on March 30, 1995 in Pine Ridge, SD to Daniel Bad Milk and Natasha Fay.  Nathaniel made his journey to the Spirit World on November 23, 2022 in Pine Ridge, SD.

Nathaniel is survived by his mother Natasha Fay; son Daniel Dre Bad Milk; siblings Steven Bad Milk, Casey Vocu, Paul Vocu, Gabe Vocu, Khaliya Vocu, Angel Long, and Jolony Dixon; significant other Shelly Jack; aunts Tamera Dixon, Amy Dixon, Lisa Tall-Chase, Priscilla Bad Milk, Vanessa Bad Milk, Babe Poor Bear, Shannon Poor Bear, and Renita Poor Bear; uncles Joe Dixon, Carter Dixon, Sam Arcoren, James Janis, Jim Colhoff, Sean Poor Bear, Manuel Bad Milk, and Heath Two Two; grandmothers Wilma Colhoff and Susan Hudspeth; and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Nathaniel was preceded in death by his father Daniel Bad Milk; grandparents Lori Dixon, Layton Fay, Pearl Dixon, Rose Dixon, Theresa Dixon, Kathleen Dixon, Beverly Colhoff, Beverly Bad Milk, Kimberly Colhoff, Charles White Wolf Jr, and James “Soup” Shangreaux; aunts Shelli Poor Bear and Annie Colhoff; and hunka brothers Cole James Two Bulls, Cody Two Bulls, Robert Merrival, and Andre Starr.

Pallbearers will be Brent John Janis, Casey McLaughlin, Dre Morrisette, Lyndon Brown, Marcus McBride, Emmett Rodriguez, Tommy Clifford, and Kyle Cortier.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Wilma Colhoff & Family, LaShell Bagola & Family, Jessica & Cante Poor Bear, Betty Waters & Family, Kaylene & Katrina Colhoff & Family, Leslie Two Two & Family, Donelle “Koolaid” Waters, Teressa, Ronnie, & Rylee Colhoff, Cody Daugherty, Charles Merrival, Kristen Black Elk, Laresse Blue Legs, Amanda Cottier, Sherie Cottier, Rashawn Palmier, Daniel, Larry, & Milayah Clements & Families, Jeff & Romey Janis & Family, McKinley Hunter, Annie & Alan Smith, JoBeth Morrisette, Michelle Randall, Sam Black Feather, Pam Black Feather, Jojo Dowty, Jordan Kills Back & Family, Lane Kills Back & Boys, Kiarra Kills Back, Cydnee Shangreaux & Family, Greg Swick Jr, Bree, Brett, & Brittany Sounding Side, Leslie Cortier, Joe Dixon Jr, Lyndale & Destiny Dixon, Herbie Colhoff, Daas Rabbit & Family, Jordan Brown, Ty, Jalen, Stephen, James, & Espy Dixon, Jacob Martin, Isaiah Poor Bear, Trevor Poor Bear, Jenna Iron Cloud, Victoria Hayes, Isabella & Wicahpi Lone Hill, Jordan Pourier, Stan Flying Hawk, Gilberto Aguilera, Logan Cottier, David Richards, Chuck Jack, Christen Merrival, Nellie Oldson, Patricia Black Feather, Bud Beane, Devin Janis, Terry Two Bulls, Nellie Long, Jack Long, Julie “Mama” Richards, Charles Poor Bear, Amber Cottier, Patricia Janis, Kenneth Black Elk, Eastside Riders and Top Block, Big Bat’s Crew-The Grill Only, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD