Neb Tax Commissioner Stepping Down At The End Of The Week


     Nebraska Department of Revenue Commissioner Tony Fulton has resigned after almost 7 years with his final day this Friday. 

      Deputy Tax Commissioner Glen White will be the interim Commissioner until Gov-elect Jim Pillen selects Fulton’s permanent successor.

      Governor Pete Ricketts, who appointed Fulton in January 2016, calls him “an excellent leader and wonderful teammate as we’ve worked to Grow Nebraska.”

      Ricketts credits Fulton with helping the state amass a record $1.7 billion dollars in its cash reserves while also delivering historic amounts of tax relief, adding that the Dept of 

Revenue has administered that relief in a reliable, effective manner..

     Fulton served as state senator from a Lincoln-based district from 2007-2013, representing the Legislature on the Nebraska Workforce Investment Board,Homeland Security Policy Group, and Information Technology Commission. 

     He also had a small business and says he plans to return to his business and become active again in the private sector, adding that he’s been absent from the private sector too long.

       Interim Commissioner Glen White joined the Revenue department in April 2001 as an attorney in the legal section.

     White was named Director of Compliance in October 2008 and appointed Deputy Tax Commissioner and Director of Administrative Services on January 1, 2017.