Nebraska Fireworks Season Is Here Again


      It’s fireworks season in Nebraska again, with state law allowing the sale and use of fireworks today through the 4th of July.  

     Each community can adopt stricter limits, so it may be another day or two before your town allows the start of sales or expands the hours when fireworks can be used.

      Chadron, for example, allows fireworks from 8 am to 10 pm now until the 4th, when fireworks can be set off until 1 am, but fireworks won’t start in Alliance for 3 more days and then will run 9 am-10:00 pm until the 4th, when the hours are 9 am to midnight.

      Crawford Fire Chief Brian Prosser says adults need to remember it’s illegal for anyone under 12 to buy fireworks or to use them without direct supervision by someone 18 or older.

    In Chadron, Police Chief Rick Hickstein reminds everyone that it’s unlawful to discharge fireworks in a public park or within 300 feet of a fireworks stand or gas station – adding that fireworks should be used only in cleared areas.