Nebraska Slowly Digging Out From Storm


      Nebraska continues to dig itself out of last week’s storm while frigid weather continues.

     Governor Jim Pillen declared a state of emergency on Saturday to make additional resources available to deal with what at the time was 1,700-miles of impassable roads with 54 highways closed.

     Pillen described the situation as “critical,” especially in the eastern half of the state with snowpack, blowing snow and subzero temperatures.

     Erv Portis, assistant director of NEMA – the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency – said the State Emergency Operation Center was immediately activated and began identifying critical resources for repositioning to the areas of greatest need.

       Pillen’s emergency declaration also allowed Nebraska to ask South Dakota for help through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact

       Despite its own storm issues, South Dakota has released two truck-mounted snowblowers, two loader blowers, and support crews that are expected to start working Nebraska highways today.

       Nebraska Dept of Transportation crews put in some 35,000 man-hours over the past 7 days, with only a one-day break as part of a 16-hour a day all-hands-on-deck 24/7 approach.