NPPD Scheduled Outage


The Nebraska Public Power District will conduct 4 planned outages around the Chadron area tomorrow that could see some part of the city without electricity for up to 8 hours. 

     All are needed to replace poles, including one that was hit by a vehicle Saturday. Crews were able to temporarily secure it, but will need to replace the pole tomorrow.

       The biggest of the outages is in Chadron and will start at 7:00 am. It could last until 3:00 pm in an area between Pine Street and Maple Street from Bartlett Road on the north to 4th Street on the south. 

     The affected area includes the western-most two east-west blocks in Kenwood, Northwest Community Action Partnership, Greenhouse Grandma, and Hi-Tech Car Care. 

       NPPD spokesman Grant Otten says how long the outage lasts depends on how long it takes the crews to complete the work. If they finish before 3:00, power will be restored at that time. 

     There will be another outage during that same time period to customers in the Chadron State Park area, also to replace a pole. Otten says crews need to de-energize a subtransmission line that serves the park to safely replace the pole. 

      There will also be two roughly 30 minute outages for customers along Highway 20 between McHenry Road and Bordeaux Road. The first will be between 7 and 8:30 a.m. and the second after the pole replacement work is completed. 

       As with the Chadron State Park area replacement, the line serving that area must be de-energized for safety. All customers will be brought  back online after the work is finished. 

     NPPD’s Customer Care Center is calling all of the impacted customers to inform them of the outage they would be impacted by.