NSP Troopers Back From Deployment To Texas-Mexico Border


     The Nebraska State Troopers have completed their deployment to Texas to help the Texas Dept of Public Safety along the Mexican border.

Ten troopers spent 2 weeks in Texas and 15 spent 24 days. All should be home by the end of the day. 

        State Patrol Supt Colonel John Bolduc told a news conference at the Capitol Thursday that the troopers “performed with great professionalism in tough circumstances in the Del Rio area.” 

The Nebraska troopers rode with Texas officers in what Colonel Bolduc described as providing the Texans with immediate backup instead of having to wait up to a half-hour or more for help to arrive.

      Bolduc says while the troopers weren’t working on border issues, they still had a lot of contact with migrants.

Captain Jason Scott, Commander of the NSP Special Operations Division, led the deployment. He said the Nebraskans made a big impression on the migrants he described as from every walk of life, skin color, country creed, age, and sex

Captain Scott, who called the situation in south Texas “dire,” feels Nebraska will benefit from sending troopers to Texas because those who went got experiences they will carry for the rest of their careers that will make them better officers. 

    The cost of the deployment was estimated at about $500,000 but with $300,000 in salaries that would have been paid regardless. 

       The state agreed to not ask to be reimbursed, but Gov Pete Ricketts says the Texas legislature may take up the issue in a special session