Omaha Police Kill Man Who Pointed Shotgun At Officers Helping Serve Papers


     An Omaha police officer shot and killed a man about 2:30 Wednesday afternoon when he raised a shotgun toward another officer trying to serve papers on him.

39-year old Jacob Jamrozy was thought to have multiple hunting guns in his apartment, so two officers had been sent to help a Douglas County process server trying to serve a removal and protection order on Jamrozy at an apartment complex in southwest Omaha. 

     When officers knocked on his door, Jamrozy opened it holding a shotgun. They shouted at him to drop it, but he instead raised it toward one of the officers and the other one fatally shot him.

      Jamrozy, who was alone in the apartment, was declared dead at the scene. No officers were hurt.

       Police say there is video of the fatal confrontation from the body cameras of the two officers, both of whom have been placed on paid administrative leave under standard department policy.