Panhandle Conference Basketball Tourney Comes To CSC


The 2024 Panhandle Athletic Conference basketball tournament will take place on Friday and Saturday in the Chicoine Center on Chadron State’s campus.
The conference includes local high schools Sioux County, Crawford, Hay Springs, Hemingford, Morrill, Hyannis and Edgemont.
Other than the number one seed in each bracket, teams played each other earlier this week. On the girl’s side, #3 Edgemont will meet #2 Morrill in one side of the semifinals while #1 Hay Springs plays #4 Crawford.
Crawford defeated Hyannis 54-17 and Edgemont beat Hemingford 38-24 on Monday.
There are only six girls’ teams entered, compared to seven boy’s teams. Crawford and Sioux County are combined for high school girls’ basketball.
The boy’s bracket #1 seed is undefeated Hay Springs. The Hawks will play #4 Crawford in one semifinal game while #3 Morrill is the home team against #2 Hyannis on the other side.
In Tuesday’s pre-tournament games, Crawford beat Hemingford 46-36, Morrill beat Sioux County 47-25 and Hyannis was victorious over Edgemont, 58-32.
The tournament begins at 12:15 pm on Friday with Edgemont and Sioux County boys facing off for a spot in the 5th and 6th place game on Saturday.
A complete schedule and brackets can be found below.
Friday, January 19, 2024
Game 1 (Boys)– Edgemont vs Sioux County – 12:15 pm
Game 2 (Girls)– Hay Springs vs Crawford – 2:00 pm
Game 3 (Boys)– Hay Springs vs Crawford – 3:45 pm
Game 4 (Girls)– Edgemont vs Morrill – 5:30 pm
Game 5 (Boys)– Morrill vs Hyannis – 7:15 pm
Saturday, January 20, 2024
Game 1 (Girls)– Hyannis vs Hemingford (5th/6th place) – 10:00 am
Game 2 (Boys)– Hemingford vs (Winner of Friday Game 1) – 11:45 am
Game 3 (Girls)– Losers of Friday Games 2 and 4 (3rd/4th place) – 1:30 pm
Game 4 (Boys)– Losers of Friday Games 3 and 5 (3rd/4th place)– 3:15 pm
Game 5 (Girls)– Winners of Friday Games 2 and 4 (Championship) – 5:00 pm
Game 6 (Boys)– Winners of Friday Games 3 and 5 (Championship)– 6:45 pm