Parade Of Planets Not As Awesome As It Sounds


      There’s a rare – but not too rare – celestial event about an hour before sunrise Monday that isn’t that eye-catching and is impossible to fully see without a good telescope – and probably not even then.

       Six planets – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune –  will line up before dawn in what’s known as a planetary parade, but only two of them will be visible to the naked eye. 

      On top of that, the rising sun will make it impossible to see Mercury and Jupiter, which will be near the horizon, and the sun might also blot out Uranus.

      A Parade of Planets occurs when several planets align on the same side of the sun in relation to the Earth and can be seen across a narrow band of the sky.

   . How common the phenomenon is depends on how many planets align and whether or not they’re visible without binoculars or a telescope. 

      While tonight’s planetary parade may not dazzle, the night sky still offers wonders to spot with a number of star or planet-viewing apps available to help explore the night sky.