Pay Raise Approved For Chadron City Council


     Chadron City Council members will get a pay raise when the new council is sworn in on Dec 5th. The current council approved the increase Monday night.

     It’s the first raise in many years and it’s a big one in terms of percentage – 20% – but not in terms of dollars – just $480. Council salaries will be $2,880 with the council president, who acts as mayor, making $3,480.

     Chadron is one of 10 communities in Nebraska with a city manager form of government and the current salaries of $2,400 for council members and $3,000 for the mayor is lower than all but Gordon and Valentine while matching Kearney. 

     All four council members at the meeting agreed the salaries should be raised, both to reflect the amount of time and energy the job requires and to encourage more candidates to run in the future.

      Councilman George Klein, though, voted against the $480 increase – telling the others he thought a $300 raise – $25 a month – was sufficient.