Phyllis Wilcox

Funeral services for 60-year old Phyllis Wilcox are Monday, July 19, 2021 at 1:00 at the TNT Center in Wanblee, SD, with Lay Minister Johnny Wilson officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr James Two Crow

Burial will be at the Wilcox Family Cemetery in Wanblee.

A two-night wake starts Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 3:00, also at the TNT Center in Wanblee.

Phyllis Rose Wilcox “Maza Wi” (Iron Woman) was born on November 17, 1960 to Julia Milk-Wilcox and Floyd “Sh’lo” Wilcox in Pine Ridge, SD. Phyllis made her journey to the Spirit World on July 8, 2021 at the Monument Health Center in Rapid City, SD.

Phyllis was raised in the badlands at the first homestead of Julie and Sh’lo in the basin of Wanblee, SD. Phyllis grew up riding horses with her brothers and sisters. She attended Wanblee Day School, Holy Rosary, and graduated from Crazy Horse High School.

Phyllis always worked in a helping role. She advocated for women and children who were victims of domestic violence on the Standing Rock and Pine Ridge reservations. 

She worked with the Oyate Blihiyela-Diabetes Prevention Program, with the OST Department of Public Safety as a Patrol Woman, Anpetu Luta Otipi and the Wellspring Inc. Drug & Alcohol Programs – always ending up doing her Court Advocacy work within the tribal court systems.

Phyllis was always available to cook or lend a helping hand, especially for the annual Wilcox Family Rodeo. She also enjoyed cooking for the Big Foot Riders and for Sundance.

Phyllis enjoyed her role as grandma to her 19 grandsons and her 7 granddaughters.

Phyllis, a lady warrior, was a longtime advocate for all people’s rights. She worked toward improving and assisting people in their lives. She was continually active in the concerns of the people. 

We are very thankful for her efforts and accomplishments, and they did not go unnoticed.

Phyllis is survived by her mother, Julia Wilcox; brothers, Levi Chipps, Floyd “Chilli” Wilcox, Jr., Lloyd Wilcox, Sr., Harlan “Charlie” Wilcox, Sr., and Leo “Troy” Wilcox Sr.; sisters, Cora Wilcox, Michelle Decory, and Bonnie Wilcox; her children ~ who will miss her dearly, Colin Wilcox, Celeste “Missy” Pretends Eagle, Howard Pretends Eagle, Jr., Heath Pretends Eagle, Corrina Langdeaux, and Valene Pretends Eagle; Takoja babies, Ayonna Wilcox, Patricia Wilcox, Colin Wilcox, Jr., Pharoah Wilcox, Joe Wilcox, Devin Wilcox, Cecelia Two Bulls, Dayton Two Bulls, Jayden Two Bulls, Sylvester Two Bulls, Jr., Shadow Pretends Eagle, Madisyn Pretends Eagle, Jeriah Clairmont, Buddy Clairmont, Heath Tim Pretends Eagle, Hoksila Pretends Eagle, Darian Abbey, Jeremiah High Horse, Gracie High Horse, Jacob High Horse, Kendall Peneaux, Landon Pretends Eagle, Anthony Red Elk, Jr. and Brody Red Elk; great-grandchildren ~ whom she helped raised until the time of her death, Brandon “Binky” Prue, Jayleigh Two Bulls, and Dayton Two Bulls, Jr.; and many nieces and nephews who she loved dearly.

She was preceded in death by her father, Floyd Wilcox Sr.; brothers, Jason Wilcox, Warren Wilcox, and Leroy Wilcox Sr.; sister, Elizabeth Chipps; daughter, Jaylene Pretends Eagle; and grandchildren, Waylon Red Elk, Jr. and Dallas Red Elk.

Pallbearers will be Colin Wilcox, Sr., Howard Pretends Eagle, Jr., Heath Pretends Eagle, Dayton Two Bulls, Sr., Sylvester Two Bulls, Jr., Jeriah Clairmont, Buddy Clairmont, Harlan Wilcox, Jr., Leroy Wilcox, Jr., Earl Wilcox, Jr., Tristan Terkildsen, Leon Little Killer, and All of her Grandsons.

Honorary pallbearers will be Unci Marie Randall & Family, Marti & Melvin Bad Hand, Rhonda Terkildsen, Earl Wilcox, Sr. & Family, Prue Hawk, Dick & Carol Lee, Alice Siers-Perkins, Natalie Hand, James Two Crow, Mary Louise Wilson-Defender, Sarah Martinez, Hannah Amiotte & Family, Bertha Conroy & Family, Cindy Milk & Family, Mario Gonzalez & Family, Young Bull Bear Family, Bowman Family, Wilcox Families, Milk Families, Walking Bull Families, Norma Mousseaux & Family, Sylvia Brown & Family, Condon Family, OST Lay Advocates, Crazy Horse School Class of 1978, Darla Black, Donna Amiotte, Lays Hard Family, Holly Wilson, Judy Miller, Mary Plenty Bulls, Bobbi Olausen, Miriam Lays Bad, Scott Weston, Lakota/Dakota Advocates for Human & Civil Rights, Sioux Funeral Home, and All Friends & Relatives.

Please understand that Phyllis had so many family & friends and if we forgot to mention anyone, we apologize… we were not prepared, as her passing was very unexpected.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD