Pillen Issues Executive Order Eliminating Long-Term Vacant State Government Positions


     Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen has signed an executive order eliminating government positions that have remained vacant more than 90 days, with exceptions for critical public safety positions. 

     The order applies to nearly 1,000 positions and is estimated to save the state $39.4-million dollars, including $15.2-million in direct savings to the General Fund.

      Market factors relative to hiring certain positions at a higher rate could save up to another 25% and bump total taxpayer savings to roughly $49 million.

      Governor Pillen says the taxpayer dollars budgeted for eliminated positions will be re-directed to other priorities or returned to Nebraskans in the form of property tax relief. 

        Pillen says he promised to run state government like a business and that this order delivers on that promise by focusing on positions that have been vacant for months or even years,

       He says government has continued to function without them and since things work without them, the thing to do is to eliminate them and return the money to the taxpayers.