Public Access To Chadron City Dams Closed Until 7AM On March 29


     The City of Chadron is completely closing public access to the city dams through next Thursday as much needed maintenance work resumes.

      City Manager Tom Menke says the safety of the public is of the highest importance to the city and that keeping the public out while crews are working also increases safety for those crews and makes it easier for them to move around the dams and pones.  

     More periodic closures are expected over the next few months, but Menke emphasizes that none of the work is of an emergency nature or involves any kind of a threat to the integrity of the dams anytime in the foreseeable future. 

     Much of the work involves vegetation management and keeping plants from encroaching on the dam. Some deal with checking various valves at the dams and ponds to make sure they’re operating properly and are easily accessible.

     Menke says he and the city apologize to the public for any inconveniences that may be caused by the upcoming closures the city dams area – and he adds that anyone with questions can just call him at city hall (308-430-5565)