Rapid City School Boards Makes Interim Supt Permanent


     The Rapid City School Board on Wednesday decided to keep Interim Superintendent Nicole Swigart as permanent superintendent. 

     Swigart, who’s been with the Rapid City Area Schools for more than 30 years as a teacher, extra-curricular activities coach, and principal was picked from among 9 applicants after two months of deliberation by the school board.

     She admits that she didn’t see this as her path when she was named interim superintendent last June, but found she enjoyed the work and is glad to be chosen for the permanent position.

      Swigart says “sometimes our journey takes us to surprising places and I’m really thrilled that my journey has taken me here” – adding that being interim superintendent was an honor and that she looks forward to continuing to work hard for the district.

        Meanwhile, the Rapid City School Board has delayed the closure of Canyon Lake Elementary School until after the next school board.

        The board had decided a few months ago to close the grade school this coming summer, but the Canyon Lake Parent-Teacher Organization asked for more time and the board agreed it makes sense to give the community more time to prepare for closure.

        Swigart agrees and says she thinks working through the process, allowing  the community and the district to come together.