Ravnsborg Says Pedestrian He Hit And Killed May Have Committed Suicide

      South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is attempting to access any psychiatric or psychological records of the man he struck and killed along a highway last September.

    . Ravnsborg, who faces 3 misdemeanor charges related to his driving causing the death of 55-year old Joe Boever, alleges in court papers that it may have been a suicide. 

     Investigators say Boever was walking on the shoulder of Highway 14 near Highmore with a flashlight when he was hit and killed. Ravnsborg’s motion quotes a family member who said Boever was depressed. 

      Investigators say Ravnsborg was distracted and swerved out of his lane and struck Boever. He said he thought he hit a deer, but investigators says Boever’s glasses were found on the passenger seat of Ravnsborg’s car.