Rayette Lee Black Elk

Memorial services for 52-year old Rayette Lee Black Elk are Sat, Jan 28, 2023 at 10:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Mr Benedict Good Buffalo.

Cremation to follow the services with cremation at a later date. 

Visitation precedes the services from 10:00 – 1:30 PM, Friday, at the Black Elk residence, 311 Prairie View Ave, Pine Ridge, SD.

A one-night wake service starts Friday, Jan 27, at 2:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge

Rayette Lee Black Elk  “Cante Waste Hokikta Win” ~ Looks Back With A Good Heart Woman ~ was born on Sept 29, 1970, in St Paul, MN, to Reginald Luke Black Elk Sr and Carmen Rose Whiting. Rayette made her journey to the Spirit World on January 13, 2023, at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, ID.

Rayette Lee loved art at a young age,which led her to be recognized by the Oscar Howe Native Art Program. She did wonderful and astonishing works of art – 10 altogether – including a 200’X400’ piece in the archives at the Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, two stories down. That led her to go across the seas to Europe & Germany. 

Rayette Lee also danced women’s fancy shawl, so one day she shook off her fears and danced with honor for the Oglala Lakota Nation. She got a standing ovation and they honored her with their Log Dance. 

She also loved to breakdance with family from a young age; since then, she’s been an inspiring mentor for so many youth of Pine Ridge and was adored by all who met her.

Rayette Lee danced to the oldies with her Ina. She was an awesome break dancer “O-G”. She loved her Rock & Oldies. Cante Waste Hakikta Win and her Ina now dance across the stars together. It’s a blessing in disguise, she’s happy, no longer burdened with pain, and free.. Blessed be..

Rayette Lee always cherished and loved all. O-G will be missed dearly by all. She sends much love to all her “Lil’ Rayettes”. “Stay strong. Don’t cry. Hello from the other side.” With her journey in life, we are blessed with her memories.. One of a kind Lakota Winyan.

Rayette is survived by her sons Andrew Backward and Jonny Shane Black Elk; daughters-in-law Mandy Blue Legs and Rachel E Black Elk; nieces & nephews Derek Black Elk, Justin Black Elk, Desaree Backward, Ray Ann Black Elk, Ashley Black Elk, Regi Black Elk III, Rhiannon & Jeff Fast Horse, Danica Black Elk, Sheldon Black Elk, Troy Lynn Black Elk, Paul James, Mikey, Jessey, Patrick, Karhena Pulliam, T-Jay and Louis Sullivan, Antwaun Pacer, Anna, Destree M., Cherish Janis, Sebastian J. Titus, Ian Titus, Ethan Titus, and Kevin Titus; and grandbabies, Cecelia Black Elk, Andrew Black Elk, Darien, Nisa, Greg, Leigha, Alasaiah, Ayden, Austin, Hailee, Bryson, Dawson, Honey, Pearl, Baby Bella, Zaya, LaKeesha, Isabella & Bryson Little Bear, Charleigh Broken Rope, Marilyn Ghost Dog, Rolonda, Alejandro Two Two, Diane & Logan Comes, Rylee & Ray Two Two, Marcella, Sophia & Leslie Running Shield, Jr., Mikey Looking Elk, Bray-Lee, Caden, Hunter, Aubrey Black Elk, Atreju & Jasper Briseno, Taylor & Harley Day Boy, Camilla & Cassius Apple, Darius, Alyssa, AmberLee, Leland Homer-Day Boy, Baby Gabbz, Akicita Tokahe & Annasazi, Zoe, Kassandra, Joseph, Harley, and Ivy Black Elk, Seth Trueblood, Aaron Titus, Baby Chris Merrival, Nova Lee, Kyaio Black Elk, Cashius & Aldys Fast Horse, Khairee & Nevaeh White Bull.

Rayette was preceded in death by her parents Reginald Luke Black Elk Sr and Carmen Rose Whiting; sister Charlotte Marie Black Elk; brothers Reginald Luke Black Elk Jr and Troy Lynn Black Elk; sons Jesse Wayne Black Elk and Donovan Troy Black Elk; grandparents Henry Black Elk Jr & Zoey Black Elk, Melvin Bissonette & Annie Chase In The Morning; grandbabies Cole Thomas Backward and Shana Marie Black Elk; and relatives James Pulliam, Annie Colhoff, Ruth & Liz (Beau) Titus, Tracy Bissonette, Acorn & Liberty Adams, Valarie Tracke, Cathy Red Feather, Daniel Bad Milk, Benita White Face, Fred Martin, Garnette Titus, and Tierra Lee Swift Bird. 

Pallbearers will be Andrew Backward, Jonny Shane, Alan Backward, Jon Black Elk, Les Running Shield, Regi Black Elk III, Tony Adams, Greg Black Elk, Christian Merrival, Thelma Backward, Michelle Black Elk, Derae Little Bear, Leslie Two Two, Kim Brings, Rachel E Black Elk, and Miranda Day Boy.
Honorary pallbearers will be Grandma Faye & All Black Elk Relatives, Albert Whiting, Betty Bissonette, Doug Bissonette & Family, Duane Bissonette & Family, Alton Good Plume, Tim Good Plume, Wanda Waters, Christine Whiting, Bill Morrison, Jared Alford, Deb Charge On Him & Family, Rena Richards & Family, Luck Returns, Bonnie Returns, Bean Big Crow, Homer & Day Boy Crew, Paul Siers, Moses Catches & Family, Venus Rodriguez, Bessie Long Soldier, Becky Runs Above & Family, LaBraya Marie Swallow, Jonty Carbajal, Jazelyn & Milanie Pulliam, Leighton & Dova Shangreaux, Leah Adams, Lillianna Quintana, Caleb Merrival, Canku Wakan Mani Brewer, Alexis Rose Brewer, Pacer Family, Bad Milk Family, Running Horse Family, Brown Family, Pourier Family, Martin Family, Haas Family, Adams Family, Fast Horse Family, Richards Family, Poor Bear Family, Little Hawk Family, Titus Family, Merrival Family, Garnier Family, White Butterfly Family, Janis Family, Smith Crew, Goings Family, Morrison Family, Eagle Bull Family, Sierra Family, Tracke Family, Reshaw Family, LaMont Family, Red Feather Family, Mousseau Family, Dixon Family, and All Friends & Relatives who knew this One of a Kind, Inspiring Lakota Winyan named, Rayette Lee Black Elk.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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