Recreational Marijuana Bill Narrowly Passes SD Senate


    The South Dakota Senate yesterday, on an 18-17 vote, passed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. SB 3 now heads over to the House.

       Voters in 2020 approved an initiative measure legalizing both recreational and medicinal use of pot, but the South Dakota Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional because it dealt with more than one subject.

        Recreational pot supporters already have another petition push underway for this year’s general elections and backers of SB 3 touted the bill as an opportunity to go ahead of a curve

      State Senator Helene Duhamel of Rapid City acknowledged that train of thought, but said her thinking was to take no action now and wait to see if a legalization measure makes the ballot and passes – leaving the decision up to the voters.

      South Dakota began a medicinal marijuana program last year because voters in 2020 passed a separate measure for it in addition to the combo plan.