Recycling Brainstorming Session Set For Tonight In Chadron


     Keep Chadron Beautiful is holding a brainstorming session tonight at 6:30 at Platte Valley Bank on how to make recycling work in Chadron.

Currently, the only recycling programs in Chadron are for office paper and corrugated cardboard.

      Keep Chadron Beautiful Director Susan Hucke is co-hosting the session along with Chadron State College student Joe Talley and Keep Alliance Beautiful Director Kathy Worley.

Hucke says all ideas are on the table, including an offer by Worley for Keep Chadron Beautiful to recyclables to the Alliance Recycling Center.

SWANN, the Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska, recycled newspaper, plastic, and aluminum for many years, but dropped the program a few years ago because of the difficulty in finding markets and the expense of storing recyclable materials.

    Hucke says SWANN has continued to help with Keep Chadron Beautiful’s paper and cardboard programs, which collect about 1 ton of office paper and 7 tons of cardboard per month, but even that remains limited – making Worley’s offer very appealing.

Hucke says having access to the Alliance recycling center opens the door for recycling more types of items from Chadron. Tonight’s meeting is intended to discuss and explore how such a partnership might work.

Hucke emphasizes she’s not asking for firm commitments from anyone or for any project tonight, just a showing of interest.

Again, the recycling brainstorming session begins at 6:30 in the Platte Valley Bank community room at 3rd and Chadron Avenue.