Reports Of As Many As 6 Fires In Dawes, Sioux, Box Butte Counties

       There are reports firefighters in Dawes, Sioux, and Box Butte Counties responded to a half-dozen fires last night, nearly all the result of lightning.

       Details are very limited. The Great Plains Fire Information Center in Rapid City has information on just 2. 

      The Windmill North CA Fire was reported at 5:45 in Sioux County about 10.5-miles west-southwest of Crawford. It was limited to 1-acre.

     The call for the 16 Fire in Box Butte County between Hemingford and Crawford came in at 7:38. That fire burned 1.5-acres. 

      A quick response by firefighters held a lightning-caused blaze yesterday morning in Wind Cave National Park to just a tenth of an acre.

      The Cold Fire was reported at 7:31, contained at 10:40, and declared controlled at 12:20 after being battled by a combination of local, state, and federal resources.

      There were 2 slightly larger fires to the north in Custer County. The Ridgetop Fire burned 1.2-acres  a mile southwest of Hermosa. It was reported at 11:17 and contained 2 hours later by another combination of local, state, and federal firefighters. 

     The Rifle Fire was 3 miles southwest of Pringle. It was called in at 4:49 and held to 2.4 acres by federal, state, and local firefighters.