Revised Wildlife Predator Statute Takes Effect Sept. 2


A revised statute allowing some Nebraska landowners to kill damage-causing wildlife predators becomes effective Sept. 2.

Predators included in this statute are badger, bobcat, coyote, gray fox, long-tailed weasel, mink, opossum, raccoon, red fox and skunk.

The statute allows a private landowner or tenant to kill a predator preying on livestock or poultry or suspected of causing other damage on land that they owned or control. No permit from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is required.

Also, a landowner or tenant, or agent of either, may kill a mountain lion, without prior notice to or permission from Game and Parks, if they encounter a cougar in the process of stalking, killing or consuming livestock on their property. The person is responsible for immediately notifying Game and Parks and arranging a transfer of the animal to the Commission.

The predator legislation was part of LB 565, an omnibus bill passed in the final days of the Nebraska Legislature’s most recent session, which adjourned June 1.