Roberta “Bobey” Star Comes Out

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Funeral services for 55-year old Roberta “Bobey” Star Comes Out are  Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 10:00 at the Makasan Presbyterian Church in Oglala, SD, with Sister Barb Bogenschutz officiating

Cremation will follow the services

A one-night service starts Friday, November 19, at 4:30, also at the Makasan Presbyterian Church    

Roberta Annette Star Comes Out was born on February 25, 1966 in Pine Ridge, SD to Frank Sylvester Star Comes Out and Della Mae (He Crow) Starr.  Roberta made her journey to the Spirit World on November 11, 2021 at her home near Oglala, SD.

Roberta is survived by her sons, Jerrod W. Little, Andre, Morgan, Marco, Shon, Aren, Delly, & Denzel; daughters, Sunny, Breann, Kayla, Tyler, Anpoi, Madison, & Jada; siblings, Kevin Belt, Danelle (Lawrence) Two Bulls, Brian (Tammy) Starr, Juanita (Claire) Star Comes Out, Frank Star Comes Out, Jr., April (Jack) Corbine, Valerie Kills Small, Curtis Crow, Chet Crow, Alan Backward, and Austin Backward, Jr.; special friend, Galen Two Bulls; and grandchildren, Rayah, Molly, Xavier, Anthony, Kenzie, Kennedy, Dani, Billy, Sterling, Mari Jo, Journi, Novi, Kera, Temari, Neil, Lizabeth, Alila, Sienna, Annaleah, Kai R., and Keann.

Roberta was preceded in death by her parents, Frank Starr, Sr. and Della M. He Crow-Starr; uncles, Filmore He Crow, Sr., Larry He Crow, Gary Tobacco, Harry He Crow, and Donroy He Crow; auntie, Clementine (Starr) Jumping Bull; son, Timothy Little; granddaughter, Alaya Little; sisters, Jennifer Star, Pam He Crow, Sheila Pickett, Mary Pickett, Stacey Cedar Face, and Lauren Pickett; brothers, Louis “Snake” Belt, Robert He Crow, Mike He Crow, Carey Rouillard, and Shilo Long Visitor; nephews, JD Ten Fingers, Wesley Pourier, and Terry Little Wolf; and grandchildren, Alexis and Taylor Ten Fingers.

Pallbearers will be Gunnery Sergeant Robert Ten Fingers, Cpl. Morgan Starr, Delly Starr, Andre Starr, Brae Star Comes Out, Aren Starr, Xavier Little, and Anthony Little.

Honorary pallbearers will be Julie, Hatti, Whitney, and Wanola He Crow, Filmore, Jr., David He Crow, Lora Pickett, Sam Pickett, Donavon He Crow, Gina Tobacco, Bobbi Jo Tobacco, Clarence, Charlie, & Jesse Rouillard, Will He Crow, Delmer Bird In Ground, Audra Rouillard, Paul Cedar Face, Marci One Feather, Pat & Patricia Carlow, Pat Henry, Ron & Shauna Blacksmith, Alton & Sara Haukaas, Brenda Bad Milk, Staton Starr, Brian “Super” Kindle, Rob “Rabbi” Morrison, Cass Watters, Don “Gummer” Garnier, Latonna Little Bear, Frank & Stephanie Ghost, Georgine Looks Twice, Hilda Kills Small & Family, Sally Janis, Louise Spider, Jaybird Helper, Latrell “Geri” Plenty Arrows, Jenny Jo, Dave, Junce, & Angel Crow, Zach & Jess McConnell, Shauna Tymes, Kim Stone, Pheobe Carlow, Mike Carlow, Tony & Mark Clifford, Madonna Cuny, Mar Janis, Sue & Mona Cross Dog, Sharon Pulliam, Sherri Comes, Sherry Martin, Simone Little Hawk, Taila Sierra, Travis Richards, Vine Morrisette, Wanda Donavon, Yvonne Crow, Brenda Youngman, Carleen Crow, Essence Belt, Lisa Two Bulls, Monique Sioux Bob, Rob & Deanna Rouillard, Lee Rouillard, Hugh John & Jewell Blacksmith, June Brave Heart, Lorenzo Blacksmith, Fawn Perez, Kay Little, Paul Cedar Face, Marlene Wilson, Terri Blacksmith, Cheryle Blacksmith, Jim Cottier, Elsie He Crow-Sleeper, Ivis Long Visitor, Neil Linehan, Nason Backs, Richard Broken Nose, Marge & Kim Bettelyoun, Bert Little Spotted Horse, Arlene Hawk, Jerry Two Bulls, Dan “Cowboy” Tobacco, Sylvia Tobacco, Leo Two Bulls, Ben & Gloria Martin, Amber Cortier, Delmer One Feather, Brave Family, Amiotte Family, Neoma Yellow Horse & Family, Little Family, Martin Family, Blacksmith Family, Pickett Family, Starr Family, Jumping Bull Family, Bear Robe Family, Black Elk Family, He Crow Family, Two Bulls Family, Rouillard Family, Crow Family, All Isna Wica Owayawa Family, Red Cloud School Alumni, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD