Sarita Jumping Eagle-Richard

Funeral services for 44-year old Sarita Esther Jumping Eagle-Richard are Tues, Sept 6, 2022 at 11:00 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson, SD, with Pastor Jeremy Mouw officiating and traditional Lakota services Mike Sna Mani Sr.

Burial is at the Jumping Eagle Family Cemetery in Manderson

A two-night wake service starts Sunday, Sept 4, at 3:00 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson.

Sarita Esther Jumping Eagle-Richard was born on December 28, 1977 in Pine Ridge, SD to William Jumping Eagle, Sr. and Donna (Mousseau) Jumping Eagle.  Sarita made her journey to the Spirit World on August 26, 2022 in Omaha, NE.

Sarita is survived by her mother, Donna (Mousseau) Jumping Eagle; spouse Thad Richard; children Sarah Jumping Eagle, William Flying Earth, Anna Jumping Eagle, Victoria Patton, and Clarissa Patton; sisters Arlene Jumping Eagle, Irene Jumping Eagle, Elizabeth Jumping Eagle, Francine Jumping Eagle, Rebecca Jumping Eagle, Katie Hernandez, and Georgia LaDeaux; brothers William Jumping Eagle Jr, Frankie Jumping Eagle, Antonio Hernandez, Leonard Jumping Eagle, Kermit Miner Jr, George Chase Alone, and Roger Jumping Eagle; hunka brothers & sisters Alice Phelps, Wesley New Holy, Garfield Steele, Matt Hadden, Scott Weston, and Kristie Colhoff; grandchildren Evianna Jumping Eagle, Messiah Rondeau, Teigan and Oliver Jumping Eagle, Christianna Lopez, Malani Rondeau, Devin Holy Rock, Corbin Jumping Eagle, Lorenzo Holy Rock, D’Onah Holy Rock, and Yolanda White Butterfly; uncles Russell Mousseau Jr and Phillip Jumping Eagle Sr; aunties Roberta Spencer, Audrey Jumping Eagle, Delores Jumping Eagle, Georgia Jumping Eagle, Starlette Jumping Eagle, Corrine Brave, and Karen “Tiny” Pourier; and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Sarita was preceded in death by her father William Jumping Eagle Sr; one child in infancy; brothers Roy Jumping Eagle, Thomas Black Eyes, Robert Hernandez Sr, and Charles Eagle Hawk; sister Trinette Hernandez; grandparents Robert & Rebecca Jumping Eagle, Fern Hollow Horn, and Russell Mousseau Sr; grandsons Christian Brien and Michael Ashley; uncles Henry Jumping Eagle, Robert W Jumping Eagle, Robert “Ronnie” Jumping Eagle, Larry Jumping Eagle, and Leonard Means; aunties Elizabeth Jumping Eagle-Hernandez and Mamie Looks Twice; niec, Harlie Jumping Eagle; and nephew Frankie Jumping Eagle Jr.

Pallbearers will be Robert “Bobby” Martin Sr, Garfield Steele, John Lu, Carlos Romero Jr, Josh Steele, Vance Little Dog Sr, Howard Little Dog, Robert “Duece” Martin Jr, Hattie “Murph” White Butterfly, Bobbi Long Soldier, Tess Chase In Sight, and Sharon Respects Nothing-Jumping Eagle.

Honorary pallbearers will be Rosalie Janis & Family, Lavonne Mesteth & Family, Betty Little Dog & Family, Chris & Joyce Eagle Hawk & Family, Dave & Karen Pourier, Phillip Jumping Eagle & Family, Mary, Karen, & Lee Plenty Wolf, Sara & Paige Bell, Rhoda Spotted Elk-Bull Coming, Belnita Bravo, Leah Long Visitor, Cheryl Limpy, Rhonda Tallman, Charles Waters Sr, Hermus & Lavae Red Horse, Gary Rouse, Damen Bass, Sean Moser, Blossom Johnson & Family, Loveletta Iron Horse, No Braid Family, Jernigan Family, Baker Family, Mouw Family, Hadden Family, Fry Family, Stevens Family, Weston Family, Brewer Family, Miner Family, Houx Family, Around Him Family, Little Boy Family, Phelps Family, Thin Elk Family, Zephier Family, Jackson Family, Robertson Family, Red Elk Family, Looks Twice Family, LaDeaux Family, Jensen Family, Richard Family, Steele Family, Eagle Hawk Family, Blacksmith Family, Ouyhpe Community, Wounded Knee District Service Center Staff, Wounded Knee District School Staff, Rockyford School Staff, All Indian Relay Teams, Sobriety Riders, Little Big Horn Riders, Crazy Horse Riders, Big Foot Riders, #9 Community Church Members, Oglala Sioux Tribe Employees, University of Nebraska Medical Center Staff, Around Him Sundancers, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD