School Board Gives Supt Meyer Solid Marks, But Official Evaluation Delayed A Month By Absence


Ginger Meyer

      Chadron School Board members give Superintendent Ginger Meyer general high grades on her first year in the job, but won’t formally present their annual evaluation to her until next month.

     With board member Melissa Webster absent from Monday’s meeting, the other 5 members gave their verbal ratings in 7 different areas using a 1-to-4 scale. 

      Meyer received mostly 4s with the individual board members frequently explaining after giving a 3 it was mainly because COVID-19 protocols either made it hard for them to judge those areas or for Meyer to achieve all she intended in them.

     Board President Tom Menke says he’ll get Webster’s rankings in the near future, then tally the results of all 6 members for presentation to Meyer at next month’s meeting.