Secretary of State’s Office Sending Letters to Voters Who Might Not Have a Photo ID for Voting


Nebraska’s new voter ID law, which takes effect in the May 14, 2024, statewide primary, requires Nebraska voters to present a photo ID before voting. In an effort to ensure all Nebraskans are prepared, the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office is sending out letters to voters who may not have an acceptable form of photo ID to vote.

About 97% of registered voters in Nebraska already have a driver’s license or state ID, according to information from county election offices and the Nebraska DMV. The letters are a proactive measure on behalf of the Secretary of State’s office to reach and inform voters in the 3% margin who might not have a Nebraska driver’s license or DMV-issued state ID. The office is sending out approximately 35,000 letters.

“Many Nebraskans are already prepared for voter ID. For example, if you have a driver’s license or state ID, you’re ready to go,” Nebraska Secretary Bob Evnen said. “We’re trying to reach voters who may not be aware of the new voter ID law and may not be prepared. Our office wants to ensure every voter is informed and ready.”

The Secretary of State’s Elections Division is working with county election offices to ensure they’re prepared for an influx of inquiries from voters.

“Since the voter ID law passed, we’ve been working with our county election offices every step of the way,” Secretary Evnen said. “We want the implementation of the new voter ID law to be successful.”

County election offices are reporting a smooth process with voter ID in the early voting application process. Most Nebraskans are using their driver’s license or state ID number to comply with the new voter ID law. The new early voting applications, which have an area to provide voter ID information, can be downloaded from the Secretary of State’s website. Voters should make sure they aren’t using an old early voting application form.

What to do if you do not have an acceptable form of photo ID

If a voter does not have an acceptable form of ID to vote, they can get a free state ID from the Nebraska DMV. Nebraskans can use the temporary photo ID receipts from the DMV to vote if they don’t receive their ID in the mail before the primary.

To get a free Nebraska state ID at the DMV, individuals must present certain documents – one option is providing their birth certificate. If an individual was born in Nebraska and does not have their birth certificate, they can get a free certified copy of their Nebraska birth certificate from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Voters utilizing this service should do so as soon as possible.

Acceptable forms of ID
(IDs must have voter’s name and photo.)

·        Nebraska driver’s license

·        Nebraska state ID

·        U.S. passport

·        Military ID

·        Tribal ID

·        Hospital, assisted-living facility or nursing home record

·        Nebraska political subdivision ID (state, county, city, public school, etc.)

·        Nebraska college or university ID (public or private)

IDs that will NOT be accepted

·        Birth certificate

·        Medicare/Medicaid card

·        Out-of-state driver’s license

·        Out-of-state college ID

·        Social security card

·        Store membership card

·        Utility bill

·        Bank statement

·        Voter acknowledgement card

The Secretary of State’s office urges voters to learn about the new law and prepare ahead of the May 14, 2024, statewide primary. More information and education resources are available at