Senator Brewer’s Weekly Update


Senator Tom Brewer

By Senator Tom Brewer

This week I will return to Ukraine for the fourth time since the war started. Through my travels I’ve been able to see all sides of the Ukraine conflict. While being an American, I’m still invested in the U.S. and how our assets are used. During the Ukraine conflict, I have become very disappointed in how the United States has acted. The wavering support and indecisiveness have caused massive turmoil across the world. The Ukraine war should never have escalated, and after escalation it should have ended fully within one year. But because of how the West reacted to Russia, it has allowed continued devastation. The Ukrainian people only want peace and freedom. Only through victory will they maintain their freedom as their history has shown them repeatedly. As the war has continued, I have seen more and more people acting more like Americans, having pride in their country. Unfortunately, Ukraine now sees what the cost of freedom truly is. Ukraine has always been for peace, that is why they made the first step to relinquish their nuclear weapon capability in the 90’s. Peace and freedom is all I hear from anyone I talk to. From soldiers on the front, in hospitals, or to civilians who are trying to live in another country. All they dream of is going home during the coming peace when this conflict is over. Even their flag reflects this mentality, it represents a golden wheat field with a blue sky over it. A full harvest with a peaceful sky.

I agree that our borders need to be protected. But are we to allow evil to prevail across the world because it has not attacked us personally? If we do not assist our allies then more attacks will come and more wars will start. While defending the U.S. border the U.S. needs to unite in its efforts to decisively stand behind their allies thus end these wars. If the west would give its full support, I believe the war in Ukraine would end quickly. Ukraine is ready to finish this fight but they lack a few key things that further support will provide. But this support for Ukraine must happen fully and wholeheartedly from all their allies. Only then will Ukraine be able to end this war.

Through my travels in Ukraine over the past years I have seen the corruption that people talk about. But I can also tell you that this corruption was Russian influence on Ukraine. After the escalation of the Ukraine war in February 2022 I have also noticed that the corruption is being reduced. After the war escalated those who had any support for Russia either realized their mistake or they left Ukraine. The newfound patriotism in Ukraine has caused more and more to turn away from those asking for bribes. Finding a different way to accomplish their goals without bribes or corruption. New methods have also been created for reporting corruption. Websites which monitor government purchases are created now which allow Ukrainians to personally monitor what is being bought and for how much. My friends have showed me times when people were caught for making corrupt purchases with government funds. I have also personally seen the new construction as Ukrainians try and rebuild their critical infrastructure using western funding. The money the U.S. is sending is actually being used to help Ukraine. I have also found that Ukraine has been very diligent documenting how weapons and money from the U.S. is being used.

So don’t put aside Ukraine in your fight for good. Bring it into the fight, support those who desire freedom and peace as much as you do. Support those who are losing their lives to defend freedom for others in the world. For if they lose the fight in Ukraine then it is only a matter of time until the fight moves to another part of Europe.

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