Shania Feather Earring


Funeral services for 24-year old Shania Feather Earring are Friday, July 15, 2022 at 11:00 at the Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Hall in Kyle, SD, with Ms Joyce Tibbitts and Viola Loafer officiating and Traditional Lakota Services by  Mr Rick Grey Grass and Ms Darla Black

Cremation will follow the services with inurnment at a later date. 

A one-service starts at 3:00 PM, Thurs, July 14, 2022 at 3:00 at the Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Hall in Kyle, SD.

Cremation will follow the services with inurnment at a later date. 

Shania Rose Feather Earring was born on September 12, 1997 in Pine Ridge, SD to Luwanda (Mesteth) Feather Earring and Eli Feather Earring, Sr. Shania made her journey to the Spirit World on July 7, 2022 at the IHS Hospital in Pine Ridge, SD.

Shania went to Little Wound School from K-3rd Grade, Circle of Nation in North Dakota from 4th – 7th grade, graduated 8th grade from Rockyford School in Porcupine, SD, and attended Flandreau Indian High School from 9th – 11th grade, where she graduated early in the 11th grade. 

Shania enjoyed making friends with students and staff. Shania had a big heart, always telling everyone that, “she loved everyone.” She enjoyed helping the staff in all of the schools she attended in any way that she could.

Shania loved babies. She just had that touch for babies and babies loved her. She was a mama’s girl always looking for her mom. Shania was also very helpful with her grandmother Norma. Shania was her grandma’s โ€˜go getterโ€™ to the clinic, to town and to check mail. She always made sure to check on her grandma no matter what. 

Shania also loved her brother Kevin, always wanting him to be proud of her, and cared about her cousin, Rudy Ceron, who was the same age as her. Rudy and Shania were 3 years old when Rudy came into our family and Shania loved Rudy dearly.

My beautiful daughter is going to be missed by her mom, grandma, brother, cousin, family, and friends. We love you so much, fly high Shania Rose Feather Earring. 

Shania is survived by her mother, Luwanda (Mesteth) Feather Earring of Kyle, SD; brothers, Kevin Feather Earring of Kyle, SD and Jeff Big Crow, Jr. of Pine Ridge, SD; grandbaby, Jayson Feather Earring of Ronan, MT; auntie, Theresa Whitebull of Glencoe, MN; grandparents, Norma Ceron of Kyle, SD, Betty Black Crow, Mary Lou Black Crow, and Rick Grey Grass of Wakpamni, SD.

Shania was preceded in death by her son, Baby Boy Red Owl; father, Eli Feather Earring Sr.; stepfather, Robert Rosales; brother, Eli (Jas Jonez) Feather Earring, Jr.; uncles, Terrence Mesteth and Justin White Bull; grandparents, Matthew Mesteth, Sr., Edgar Ghost Bear and Linda Feather Earring; and great-grandma, Agnes Dozark. 

Pallbearers will be Tanner Running Hawk, Jeremy Fire Thunder, Brendon Stone, Trenton Iron Shield, Joseph Belt, Joseph Rosales, Garrik Stands, Rudy Ceron, Shayla Janis, and Holly Clifford.

Honorary pallbearers will be Sam Janis, Vanna Janis, Jess Red Owl & Family, Nanette Kill In Water & Family, April Marshall, Tristen Little Whiteman, Dorothy Nelson & Family, Christy Blue Bird, Zoe Long Soldier, Destiny Loafer & family, Jonna Shangreaux, Elwanda Fire Thunder, Dylan Beene & Josie Rosales & family, Misty Hernandez, Audi Rodriquez, Norma Brown Bull & family, Lynn Hernandez & family, Faye Hernandez & Delane Has No Horse & family, Shay Janis & family, Cass Hernandez & family, Walt & Nancy Hernandez, Danette Martinez & family, Tanner Rabbithead & family, Anita Brave Heart & family, Michelle Vocu & family, Alyssa Whirlwind Horse & family, Arlin Whirlwind Horse & family, Laureen Puetz, Tammy Vitez-Redzanic, Deidra Steele & family, Duncan & Emily Steele, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD