Earth Goods Natural Foods

As I have gotten older and hopfully a bit wiser, I have come to better understand the need for proper nutrition, vitamins, properly prepared supplements and the like, along with simply taking better care of myself. With the encouragement of my VA doctors about 15 years ago, I found the Earth Goods Natural Food Store on Jennings Avenue in Hot springs.

I learned a lot, evolved into a regular customer, and when Melanie Morrow became the new owner a coupe of years ago, it was clear that she had a heart for all that Earth Goods has come to represent. Melanie’s knowledge of her store’s inventory, special orders she can help you obtain and weekly food boxes that she prepares for an ever-growing client list are impressive.

Contrary to the hope of many, there are no magic beans or pills when it comes to taking care of yourself. If you are looking for a good starting point on the road to better health, Earth Goods Natural Foods Store in Hot Springs is a good beginning.

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