State College Trustees Freeze Tuition Again


     The Nebraska State College Trustees have frozen tuition for the second straight year and have dropped the non-resident undergraduate tuition rate to match the rate for residents.

        The freeze applies to all categories of tuition – graduate, undergraduate, resident, non-resident students; and online.

     Board Chair Jess Zeiss says with inflation at its highest rate in 4 decades, the Trustees felt it was important to manage costs rather than raising tuition – choosing to ease the financial burden on students and their families.

     Zeiss says affordability is one of the highest priorities for the State Colleges as they work to increase degree attainment and allow students to stay in school with a college education affordable for all 

      Chancellor Paul Turman says that as Nebraska’s designated open-access institutions, “it is vital that Chadron State, Peru State, and Wayne State continue to be affordable for all students who dream of continuing their education.”

     Turman says the Trustees and the entire state college system appreciate the show of support they received from Governor Pete Rickets and the Legislature this year in providing additional funding to allow for the tuition freeze.

   Turman and Zeiss also say that making non-resident undergraduate tuition the same as resident tuition is a way to encourage out-of-state students to come to Nebraska and attend a State College, then stay and ease the state’s workforce shortage.

   Undergraduate tuition remains at $186 per credit hour with graduate resident tuition at $232.50 and non-resident graduate at $465. Online undergraduate tuition stays at $299 per credit hour and graduate online is $380.