Tax Cut Package Moves To Final Consideration, But Effort To Add Middle Class Cuts Fails


      An attempt to add tax cuts for middle-class Nebraskans failed Tuesday as a comprehensive $900-million dollar tax relief bill moved to final-round consideration on a voice vote.

     LB 873, which combines cuts in individual and corporate income taxes with additional property tax relief and a phase out of taxes on Social Security benefits, advanced from 2nd-round debate after  a 4-hour filibuster.

      The debate focused on both whether the package had any benefits for middle- and lower-income residents and whether it should depend on overriding Gov Pete Ricketts line-item vetoes on the budget. 

     Opponents complained that cutting the top rate on individual and corporate income taxes had been added to the bill because they couldn’t win on their own without adding them to the Social Security and property tax cuts

     Proposed amendments to carve out more income tax cuts for the middle class fell short, though, and the bill was advanced to final reading.