Theda Ten Fingers


Funeral services for 57-year old Theda Ten Fingers are Tues, March 19, 2024 at 11:00 at Brother Rene Hall in Oglala, SD, with Rev Twyla Two Bulls officiating and traditional Lakota services by Ronald Cross Dog Sr.

Burial is at the Poor Elk Family Cemetery in Oglala

A two-night wake service starts Sunday, March 17, at 1:00 at Brother Rene Hall in Oglala.

Online condolences may be left at

Theda Sharon Ten Fingers was born on Jan 2, 1967 in Pine Ridge, SD to Ryan Ten Fingers and Margaret Karen Poor Elk-Ten Fingers. Theda made her journey to the Spirit World on March 8, 2024 at her home in Oglala, SD.

Theda worked as a special education paraprofessional at Isna Wica Owayawa for 17.5 years. She had the biggest heart and in the end it showed because although she wasn’t done yet, her heart was.

Theda is survived by her children Jamie Ten Fingers and Delane (Amber) Ten Fingers; hunka children Trey Walking and Taneesha Good Lance; goddaughters Latonia Ten Fingers and Angela Bad Heart Bull; godson Louis Pulliam Jr; brothers, Gilson (Karen) Ten Fingers and Neal (Steph) Kindle; hunka brother William Makes Him First Sr; sisters Pamela Ten Fingers and Cheryl Crow; cousins Karen and Lee Blacksmith; nephews Fred Brings Him Back Jr, Roger (Delores) Brings Him Back, Dylan and Beau Fills The Pipe, Kenneth and Julian Stands Jr, William Plenty Arrows Jr, Airik Bad Heart Bull, Sheldon and Jason Flute, Hoksila and Jodean Blacksmith; nieces, Vanessa, Crystal, and Ryanita Brings Him Back, Sharon (Louis) Pulliam, Latonia Ten Fingers, Lavita Little Spotted Horse, Kayla Ten Fingers, Nicole Bearing, Henrietta, Krisann, Tasheena, and Madison Kindle, Angela Bad Heart Bull, Jacynda Plenty Arrows, and Kaymie Blacksmith; grandchildren Terrell and Louis Pulliam Jr, Daithan Brings Him Back, Brixton Iron Cloud, Tayton, Brayton, and Kaeton Brings Him Back, Alyssa and Jocelyn Brings Him Back, Castor Blacksmith, Lawrence Rouse, Pollux, Margaret, Divine, and Major Blacksmith, Marcello and Corey Apple, Leticia, Jasmine, Mikey, Donna, Cassidy, Yesenia, Penelope, and David Jr, Taliyah Martin, Daisha Ten Fingers, Iris, Denton, and Draedon Roan Eagle, Bryant Yellow Horse, Ryan and Bryn Yellow Hair, Amari, Cassidy, Grayson, and Ryatt Bad Heart Bull, Ashton and Arius Kindle,Tyson, Damien, and Shayla Two Two, Cataleya Hunter, Tyrus Kindle, Aiden Kindle, Mylieh, Ashley, and Riddick Blacksmith, Ronessa and Riley Blacksmith; and great grandsons, Ohiya Pulliam and Javon Little Spotted Horse

Theda was preceded in death by her parents Ryan and Margaret (Poor Elk) Ten Fingers; sisters Velma Ten Fingers-Brings Him Back and Irma Ten Fingers; aunt Marlene Poor Elk-Blacksmith; cousin Robert Blacksmith; brother Clayton Ten Fingers; hunka brother Calvin Little Moon; nephews Russell Little Spotted Horse and Antoine Slow Bear; niece Nekole Kindle; and grandchildren Po’ai Raine Brings Him Back, Benton Jameis Ten Fingers, Nico Flute, Baby Pulliam, and Baby Bad Heart Bull

Pallbearers will be Trudell Slow Bear Jr, Robert Roullard Sr, Fred Brings Him Back Jr, Mahpiya Arapahoe, Lee Rouillard, Sheldon Flute, Tayton Brings Him Back, Wylie Janis, Julian Stands, Jr., Pollux Blacksmith, William Plenty Arrows, Jr., Dominic “Jib” Roan Eagle, Terrell Pulliam, Jeremy “Clyde” Blacksmith, Braden Eagle, and Kenneth Stands

Honorary pallbearers will be Mavis Putzier, Shirley and J                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ohnson Bear Robe and Family, Richard Broken Nose, Cedric Broken Nose, Nason Backs and Family, Austin Cuny, Roberta “Bobbi” Martin, Isaiah Martin, Essence Belt, Jessica Janis and Josiah Shoulders, Delores Jumping Eagle, Carla Sleeping Bear, John and  Alvin Little Moon, Patsy and Richard Red Elk, Leon Brave Heart, Derek Yellow Cloud, Nora Roan Eagle, Brooke Brave, Calesta Fast Horse and Family, Calandra Fast Horse and Family, Gwen Black Elk and Family, Christine Lajtay, Janet Fast Wolf, Judy Martin-Hillman, Josh Martin, Maxine Pipe On Head, Neoma Yellow Horse and Family, Daniel Lone Elk and Family, Latrell and Denise Plenty Arrows, Edna Janis-Plenty Arrows, Travis Barden-Richard, Mary Mousseau, Debra Jensen, Connie Titus and Family, Jenny Briseno, Wilbur Flute, Louella Broken Nose, Darlene Walks Out, John Long, Leah Fire Thunder, Isaac Running Shield, Erlinda Red Ear Horse, Faye Charging Thunder and Family, Mickey Bradshaw, Diane Kelly, Weldon & Chastity Two Bulls, Ola Featherman, Vanna and Kadence Bear Saves Life, Patricia Carlow, Jade New Holy and Family, Janet Cheyenne and Family, Karen Red Elk, Carley Espinosa and Family, Quinn “Lil Mard” Kills Small, Brandon Kills Small and Family, Benjamin Plenty Arrows, Jr. and Family, Hilda Kills Small and Family, Renny Good Lance, Dana Chase In Winter and Family, Lori Bagola and Family, Bobbi Jo Janis, Val Janis and Family, Steph Two Bulls, Lisa Two Bulls and Family, Harlan Dreaming Bear Jr, Nita Starr, Brian and Tammy Starr, Frank Starr, Yvonne Crow, Brenda Youngman and Family, Francesca Kills Small, Darren New Holy, Eileen Mitchell and Boys, Darlene Helper, Sharon Two Bulls and Family, Iris Between Lodges and Family, Evangeline and Myra Garnier, Avis Monroe, Marissa Two Bulls, Latisha Morgan, Casey Morton, April Corbine, Cameron and Lois Kills Small, Myron Warrior, Daniel “Odom” New Holy, Caroline New Holy, Genevieve Chase In Winter, Elton Eagle Louse, April Stoldt, Chris & Deborah Bordeaux, Kerry Brave Heart, Mike Warrior, Olivia DeSersa, Lisa High Wolf, Vanessa Red Cloud, Diane and Avis Crow, Shawnna Patton, Danelle Two Bulls, Roberta Little Spotted Horse and Family, Yvonne “Tiny D” DeCory and Family, Melissa Blacksmith, Liz Morrison, Terry Blacksmith, Lenny Blacksmith, Ronnie Blacksmith, Cheryle Blacksmith, Corwin Blacksmith, Jay Shoulders, Sherry and Sheryl Rouillard, Victoria Good Voice Flute and Family, Eric “Doc” Forney,  All Ten Fingers Families, Salway Family, Moves Camp Family, Oglala Elderly Program, Circle of Life Program, Isna Wica Loneman School Staff, Pine Ridge Thorpes LNI 1983 Champs, Monument Health nurses and staff, and All Friends and Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted to the Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge