Travis White Dress


Funeral services for 48-year old Travis White Dress are Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 11:00 at the Irene “Candi” Red Cloud residence in Pine Ridge, SD, with the Reverend John Two Bulls officiant

Burial is at the White Dress – Walking Family Cemetery in the Cheyenne Creek Community near Pine Ridge

A one-night wake service starts Friday at 4:00, also at the Irene “Candi” Red Cloud residence

Travis Allen White Dress was born on January 9, 1978 in Pine Ridge, SD to Paul “Chili” White Dress and Irene Red Cloud. Travis made his journey to the Spirit World October 22, 2021 in Pine Ridge, SD.

Travis is survived by his children, Trevin and Tylle White Dress; father, Paul “Chili” (Frankee) White Dress; mother, Irene “Candi” Red Cloud; aunt, Delilah White Dress; uncle, Phillip White Dress; nieces/nephews, Henry Nelson, Maloni Nelson, Phoenix Eagle Bull, Taelynn Janis, Shaelee Janis, Austin Eagle Bull, Franky Bailey White Dress, Grace Two Hawk, Ed Two Hawk, Oneida Fast Wolf, Diamond Fast Wolf, Joseph Waylon and Mykhas Eagle Bull; cousins, Reno and Leslie White Dress; sisters/brothers, Tyson Broken Leg, Logan Poor Bear, Beau Morrison, Sam Nelson, Waylon Janis, Pat Clifford, Alvin White Dress, Elijah White Dress, Angel Hill-White Dress, Zaniyah White Dress, Patsy Two Lance, Willie Nelson, John Tae Nelson, William Hill-White Dress, Phadra Madden, Wetu White Dress-Red Feather, and Kari White Dress; and special friend, Mary Mousseaux.

Travis was preceded in death by his grandparents, Silas White Dress, Katie Walking-White Dress, Verdell Red Cloud, Victoria Wounded Whiteman, Henry Stubba-Blackfeet and Cora Owns The Fire; brothers, Lawrence “Larry” Eagle Bull and Eli Clifford, Jr.; sister, Jamie Eagle Bull; aunt, Peggy White Dress; and uncles, Richard Walking, Dave Looking Elk and David “Crockett” Merdanian.

Pallbearers will be Willie Nelson, Sam Nelson, Harold “Hotch” Tobacco, Waylon Janis, Dean Brewer, Stan Walking, Charlie Waters, Sr., Dillon Nelson, Dallas Nelson, Chris White Dress, Alvin White Dress and Austin Eagle Bull.

Honorary pallbearers will be Leslie Mesteth & Crew at OST Solid Waste, Rob Fire Thunder, Jason Lone Hill, Donnie Cottier, Jr., Tony Herman, Teresa Graham & Family, Regina Tobacco & Family, Debbie Looking Elk & Family, Maggie Wounded & Family, Beverly Wounded & Family, Karen Tobacco & Family, Frank Waters & Family, Percy White Plume & Family, Lula Walking & Family, Clifton Waters & Family, Rebecca Waters & Family, Verdell “Takoja” Red Cloud & Family, Wilma Colhoff & Family, Robin Tapio & Family, Vanessa Red Cloud & Family, Odi Janis, Cathy Dillon & Family, Shirley Mousseaux & Family, Bonnie Brown & Family, Jason “Jake” Locust & Family, Leslie & Reno White Dress from Bismarck, N.D., Dusty Nelson & Family, Dan Nelson & Family, Justin Brewer, and All Friends & Relatives. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD