Troopers Report Speedy Start to 2024


Nebraska roadways are off to a speedy start to 2024. In the first 100 days of the year, Nebraska State Troopers issued more citations for speeding at over 90 miles per hour and speeding at over 100 miles per hour than any year in the past decade.

So far in 2024, troopers have stopped 289 drivers for speeding at over 100 MPH and 1,385 for over 90 MPH. Those figures represent a 60% increase (100 MPH+) and a 35% increase (90 MPH+) over the previous 10-year average.

“Excessive speeds reduce your reaction time and greatly increase stopping distance,” said Colonel John Bolduc, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “It also puts everyone else on the road at risk because other drivers aren’t expected nearby vehicles to approach at such high speeds. Help keep Nebraska roadways safe and slow down.”

At 90 miles per hour, it takes an average vehicle the distance of nearly 600 feet to stop. At 100 miles per hour, that distance increases to nearly 700 feet, which represents well over 2 football fields.

“Excessive speeding ramped up in 2020 during the pandemic, but hasn’t slowed down since,”
said Colonel Bolduc. “Our troopers remain vigilant to maintain safe roadways across the state, but traffic safety takes a team effort. Drive safely and slow down.”

As the summer travel season approaches, the Nebraska State Patrol is reminding all motorists to drive safely. Follow posted speed limits, eliminate distractions, drive sober, and buckle up.