Two Filings For Chadron School Board, One For Council With Deadline Fast Approaching


      Tuesday is the candidate filing deadline for Nebraska’s May 14 primary election and even though there have been 3 more people entering races this week, there’s still only one contested race in Dawes County in the primary and 2 in the general election. 

      There’s still not a primary in the Chadron City Council because the addition of Teddy Hamar to the earlier filings of incumbents Mark Werner and Cheryl Welch still leaves just 3 candidates for 3 open spots with 7 needed to hold a primary.

      The same situation is true for the Chadron School Board, where Courtney Terrell  and Colby McCoy have joined fellow challenger Kevin Oleksy in the race with incumbents Tom Menke, Tye Pourier, and Sandy Montague-Roes.

       If at least one more person files for the school board before Tuesday’s deadline, there would be a primary with the top 6 vote getters advancing to November.

      At this time the only contested primary race in Dawes County is for County Commissioner District 2, where Travis Nitsch is challenging 2-term incumbent Vic Rivera.

      All of the incumbents in Dawes County are running except for Chadron City Councilman Miles Bannan and Crawford School Board member Marie Wohlers. There are still just 2 candidates for 3 open positions on the school board.