Two Pine Ridge Reservation Dams Getting Federal Infrastructure Funds For Repairs

       A pair of dams on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation will get safety repairs as part of $29 million DOLLARS in funding from the federal infrastructure deal. 

       Both the Oglala Dam and Allen Dam have been in need of repair for years and are listed as high-hazard, meaning lives could be lost if they fail.

The Oglala Dam was built in the 1940s, while the Allen Dam was built in 1961. 

     Last year’s $1 trillion dollar bi-partisan infrastructure deal included $13 billion for Native American communities, with $150-million of that to be used for repairs to six dams over the next five years.

      Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, herself a Native American, says the dam repairs will further safeguard Tribal water supplies while supporting families and communities.

       Other projects in Indian Country across the country include water sanitation and irrigation power systems.