Unicameral Advances Bill Expanding DNA Sampling From Arrestees

     Nebraska lawmakers have given initial approval to a bill allowing police to collect DNA samples from people who are charged with but not yet convicted of violent crimes, despite objections that it would infringe on civil liberties. 

     Opponents filibustered the bill starting Wednesday, but after 8 hours of debate supporters were able to pass a cloture motion 30-11, the minimum number of senators needed to halt debate and force a vote on the bill.  

      Supporters liken the measure to police fingerprinting someone who was just arrested and say it could help solve cold cases. 

       Opponents see the proposal as a potential violation of constitutional search and seizure protections, although the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld similar laws. 

       Supporters also said DNA samples would be removed from the system for anyone found Not Guilty or whose charges were dropped.