NRPPD Outage Fixed, Water Restrictions Lifted In Chadron


Northwest Rural Public Power District has announced that power has successfully been restored to the Scott Substation after taking it offline on Wednesday to make repairs.

The outages did affect the City of Chadron water well site and caused the city to enforce temporary water restrictions while the issues were being resolved.

According to Utilities Superintendent Tory Zuver as of Thursday morning residents can return to normal water consumption.

Original Story
The City of Chadron Water Department is asking all citizens to cease any unnecessary usage of water at this time. Due to an electrical issue at the City of Chadron’s Well fields, water restrictions need to be put in place for the entire city.

Please stop watering lawns, gardens and vehicles as soon as possible. General household usage of water is fine at this time.

According to Chadron City Manager Tom Menke, the issue stems from an outage reported by Northwest Rural Public Power District.

In a statement on social media, NRPPD says “A regulator in the Scott Substation has been disabled. Crews are on site and working to restore the substation. In order to complete the work, the entire Scott Substation will need to be shut down. It is expected to be off from approximately 2:30 pm until 7:30 pm today, July 10th.”

An update will be given as soon as this issue is fixed. Again, estimated time of this restriction is 5 to 6 hours.