Valentine Marrufo

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Funeral services for 52-year old Valentine Marrufo are Friday, July 9, 2021 at 11:00 at the Activity Center in Martin, SD, with Pedro Sharpfish officiating.

Cremation will follow the services 

A one-night wake service starts Thursday, July 8, at 3:00, also at the Activity Center in Martin

Valentine Ramon Marrufo was born on February 14, 1969 in Pine Ridge, SD to Abe Curry and Donna Red Eyes and was raised with the help of Benito Marrufo and the late Herbie Starr. Valentine made his journey to the Spirit World on June 30, 2021 at the Avera Medical Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

Valentine is survived by his fathers, Abe Curry and Benito Marrufo; wife, Lisa Martin; daughters, Kirsten Marrufo, Malarie (Brittany) Marrufo and Deeandra Merrival; sons, Kristopher Marrufo, Kyle Big Bear, Dillon (Amber) Marrufo, Derek Vargas and Joe (Jakira) Merrival; brothers, Anthony Gomez and Derek “Rangy” Bettelyoun; and grandchildren, Marleigh Marrufo, Arian, Aria, Aviana, Avarius Marrufo, Leidy, Lainey, Luca Hunter, Kyle Jr., Tressa and Kyleisha Big Bear and Ellie Vargas. 

Valentine was preceded in death by his mother, Donna Red Eyes; father, Herbie Starr; grandparents, Rueben Red Eyes and Thelma Delia War Bonnett; aunts, Hildreth Red Eyes, Clarinthia Red Eyes, Eldena Ice, Ethleen Cottier and Belinda Red Eyes; uncle, Myron Red Eyes; and cousin, Nicole Rodriguez.

Pallbearers will be Timmy Ward, Jeff Massy Prang, Tony Marrufo, Joe Merrival, Larry Martin, Jerry Horse, John Horse, Brian Kennedy, Pat Huilett, Chris Irish, Derek Bettelyoun and Tom Fast Wolf III.

Honorary pallbearers will be Ramon and Miguel Marrufo & Families, Wanblee Poor Bear & Family, Carlos & Erica Reyes & Family, TR & Bubbs Fast Wolf, Ruby Weston & Family, Danielle & Tom Fast Wolf & Family, Monica & Will Good Eagle, Lacey Weston, Morgan Weston & Family, Hokie & Ty Ghost Bear & Family, Freida & Tom Brings & Family, Shawn Rowland & Family, Calvin Ghost Bear & Family, Donnie Ghost Bear & Family, Leki Eagle Elk & Family, Robert, Vincent, Dale and Duane Martin & Families, Jen and Sherry Martin & Families, Mona, Nita, and Carmel Red Shirt & Families, Dave & Kathy Janis & Family, Florence, Loren, and Sheila LaDeaux & Families, Janese, Roseanne, Colleen, Sam and John LaDeaux & Families, Hobert Yankton, Rick Swain & Family, Ken Carpio & Family, Greg Pond & Family, Audrey Thompson & Family, Sam Hunter, Bob Franklin, Alfred Grass & Family, Marvin Grass & Family, Josh, Linay, and Samantha Hunter & Families, Aleigha Little Eagle & Family, Sarah Clifford & Family, Hope Conquering Bear & Randy Bettelyoun & Family, Woody, Otto and James Cuny, Shannon Marshall, Tammy and Sis Red Owl & Families, Louis & Kelsey Vocu, Isaac & Erin Red Bear & Family, Al Crazy Bear & Family, Jacie & Jesse Clifford, John & Luke, Cherish Bad Wound & Families, Keely, Kim, Keena and Stormy Claussen & Families, Alexandra & AJ Moran, Donna Rae Harris & Family, Doug & Nikki Johnson & Family, Clarence Allen & Family, Cody Allen & Family, Amy Allen & Family, Rich, Jolene and Bob Tochekt & Family, Lenart and Jerad Brown Eyes & Families, Todd Byrn, Rick May, Ivan Sorbel, Jim Nelson, Fall Baker, Karen Bakley, Tom & Maxine Ward, Marsha Clifford & Family, Lang & Chelsey Brown Eyes, Chris & Shilo Hahn, Roberta Twiss, Hattie Shangreaux, Tessie Shangreaux, Manuel Blanco, Patricia Butcher & Family, Mazie Bettelyoun, Shay & Laura Cummings, Ann Means, Heather Cole, WT Hagen, Dose & Thelma Dillon, JD & Joann Fly, Russel & Keyana Fly & Families, Kayla & Tony Three Stars & Families, Renea, Rich and Ryan Mousseau & Families, Robert Tasso, Steve Red Owl & Family, Kin & Binty Provost & Family, Michelle Hagen & Family, Rosie and Felicia Ruff & Family, Bobby Amiotte & Family, Denita Mousseau, Tiny Pourier & Family, Susan Palmier, Kara Jo & “The H Crew”, Cross Family, Rowland Family, Horse Family, Young Bear Family, Ghost Bear Family, Murdock Family, Red Shirt Family, Cottier Family from Martin, SD, Morrisette Family, Bettelyoun Family, Plenty Arrow Family, All Friends & Relatives from Martin, SD, Winnebago, NE, & Sioux City, IA, OST Solid Waste, Doug O’Bryan Construction Company and All Friends & Relatives that we may have forgotten to mention – Please understand that Val had so many family & friends and if we forgot, we apologize… we were not prepared, as his passing was very unexpected. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD