Vincent Two Lance

Funeral services for 69-year old Vincent Two Lance are Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at noon at 1353 Governors Drive in Oglala, SD, with Pastor Asa Wilson officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Richard Broken Nose

Burial services will be at the Broken Nose Family Cemetery in Oglala

A one-night wake service starts Friday, Nov 13, 2020 at noon, also at 1353 Governors Drive in Oglala

Vincent Theodore Two Lance was born on December 30, 1950 at home in Wakpamni Lake.  Vincent made his journey to the Spirit World on November 4, 2020 at the Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, CO.

Vincent attended grade school in Batesland, SD, and graduated high school in 1971 at OCHS.  Vincent worked as a Lakota Teacher at Loneman School in 1977and a Head Start Teacher’s Aide in Oglala in 1988.  Vincent coached basketball at Loneman Schol from 1981 – 1983 and from 2004-2005.  Vincnet also worked for the food service at Loneman School, OST-TWEP, and at the OST Bombing Range.  

Vincent was known by his friends and family as “Chop”, “Silly”, “Soon”, “Friday”, “Ninja”,  “Miyagi”, and best of all….”Papa”.  

Vincent is survived by his children, Isaac Two Lance, Norma (Reuben, Sr.) Two Lance, Mesean Amelia (Dewey, Jr.) Two Lance, Dallas Two Lance, Mary Two Lance, Bobbi Jo Tobacco, Brandon (Marcia) Briseno, and Joseph Briseno all of Oglala, SD, Vanessa Two Lance of Arlington, TX, Hatti (Jamie) He Crow of Pine Ridge, SD, Filmore (Cheryl) He Crow, Jr., and April He Crow of Oglala, SD, and Julie He Crow of Evergreen; sisters, Beverly Two Lance of Pine Ridge, SD, Violet Two Lance of Oglala, SD, and Norma Two Lance of Colorado; brothers, Terry Two Lance and Rayford Featherman of Oglala, SD; hunka brother, Mac Hinton, Jr. of Oglala, SD; hunka daughter, Candida Bagola; grandchildren, Xavier, Uriah, & Wocekiya Two Lance, Reuben, Jr. & Baby Boy Looks Twice, Autumn, Kash, & Dotti Two Lance, Marques & Emlee Two Lance, Leighton Brewer, Houston Goings, Christian, Cecil, & Pamela Tobacco, Raymond Rouillard, Eric, Jayden, Sioux Renee, & Kimimila Two Lance, Sheldon, Tracy, & Casey He Crow; and numerous great grandchildren.  

Vincent was preceded in death by his parents, Ernest and Mary (Featherman) Two Lance; sisters, Diane He Crow and Angie (Two Lance) Long Visitor; son, Robert He Crow; niece, Pamela He Crow; brother, LeRoy Broken Nose; and his furry son, Red.

Pallbearers will be Filmore He Crow, Jr., Marvin Ross, Lloyd Looks Twice, Charlie Standing Bear, Vincent “Woodzy” Two Lance, Jr., Boyd Looks Twice, Tuffy Brave Heart, David “Skins” He Crow, Reuben Looks Twice, Sr., and Eric Two Lance.

Honorary pallbearers will be Hoksila & Louella Broken Nose, Jenny Broken Nose, Sarah Paddock & Family, Jerry & Caroline Two Bulls, Yvonne, Carleen, Angel, & Jen Jo Crow, Whitney & Winola He Crow, Lillian Black Elk, Lanelle Warren, Dave & Lynette Crow, Shawn “Noser” Espinoza, Nicole Forney, Brian & Tammy Starr, Lorenzo & Marci Broken Rope, Chad Ferley, Paul & Delano Two Elk, Betty & Joseph Looks Twice, Hermis Janis, Buzi Two Lance, Junce Crow, Shawn Little, Bobey Starr, Jerrod Little, Delly Starr, Frank Starr, Pat Carlow, Chuckles Janis, Ed Flute, Danelle, Sunny Rae, & Will He Crow, Lynn & Gayla Gibbons, Toni Poafpybitty, Belle Bravo & Family, Willard Black Cat, Audrey, Janette, Loretta, & Donald “Duck” Yellow Hair, Amy Ringing Shield, Milo, Kelly, Joe, Tommy, David, Pat, & Connie Yellow Hair, Geneva Lone Hill & Family, Courtney Two Lance & Family, Eva & Ethel Two Lance, Elvina & Lloyd Pickett, Phyllis Tobacco, Hugh & Jewel Blacksmith, Sandy Two Lance, Florence Ten Fingers & Family, Ben Conquering Bear, Cleo Two Lance, Connie LeBeau, Stacy Two Lance, Loucelle Bores A Hole, Juanita Starr, Gary “Rubber Duck” New Holy, Yvonne Long Visitor, Carmelita Long Visitor, Rich Red Hawk, Wilbur Flute, Lena Belt, Kim & Doyle Bad Heart Bull, Maxine & Beverly Pipe On Head, Casey & Frenchee & Family, Key Belt, Curt & Chet Crow, Walter “Soulman” Yellow Hair, Two Lance Family, Yellow Hair Family, Featherman Family, He Crow Family, Ivis Long Visitor, Sr. & Family, Wilma Standing Bear & Family, Neoma Yellow Horse & Family, Linda Yellow Horse & Family, Tom Two Lance & Family, Ross Grandchildren, June Brave Heart & Family, Vanna Grass & Family, Swedish Medical Center, Loneman School, Oglala Head Start, OST/TWEP, and All Relatives & Friends.