Vivian Reed

Funeral services for 81-year old Vivian Reed are Sunday, Dec 5, 2021 at noon at the Makasan Presbyterian Church Hall in Oglala, SD, with Sister Barb Bogenschutz and Pastor Asa Wilson officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Marlon Kelly  

Burial is at the Reed Family Cemetery in Oglala, SD

A two-night wake will be held. The first night is Friday, Dec 3, from 2-6:30 at the Reed residence, 300 BIA 35, Oglala with evening services that night at 7:00 at the Makasan Presbyterian Church Hall

Vivian Jane Reed “Toka Kte Win” was born on January 9, 1940 in Oglala, SD to Noah Fills The Pipe and Eleanor Slow Bear.  Vivian made her journey to the Spirit World on November 23, 2021 at her home in Oglala, SD.  

Vivian is survived by her daughters, Deb (Jesse) Red Star, Ellen (Lin) Fillspipe, and Edwina Fills The Pipe; sons, Rod Red Starr, Lance Fillspipe, Hinhan (Kate) Loud Hawk, Stanton Starr, Dustin Starr, and Jon Decker; grandchildren, Sandra (Ken) Hill, Paulina (Marlon) Fast Wolf, Veronica (Brad) Davis, Rusty Fast Wolf, Michaela (Jeff)  Fast Wolf, Russell Fast Wolf, Jr., Gabriella Fills The Pipe, Braedon (Gen) Rodriguez, Isabella Fills The Pipe, Ronin Rodriguez, Ilyanna Fillspipe, Edwin Fillspipe, and Drake Decker; great grandchildren, Suraya Kelly, Noah Fills The Pipe, Shannon Fast Wolf, Haley Pourier, and Tusweca Win Rodrigeuz; brother, Don Slow Bear; sister, Kim Stone; and uncles, Nason Backs and Richard Broken Nose.

Vivian was preceded in death by her spouse, Stacey Reed, Jr.; parents, Noah Fills The Pipe & Eleanor Broken Nose-Slow Bear; sons, Ron Red Star, Duke Reed, Dion Starr, and Bars Rouillard; daughter, Sandra Red Star; grandchildren, Wanikiya Kelly and Rayden Hill; brother, Edwin Fills The Pipe; sisters, Estelle Starr, Terri Rouillard, Goldie Starr, and Joan Decker; granddaughter, Nicolette McLaughlin; and great-grandchildren, Wanikiya Kelly, Rayden Hill, Yamni Gray Hill, and Cato Luake Clarke

Pallbearers will be Brandon Briseno, Paul Nava, Calvin Holy Rock, Trev Blacksmith, Brad Davis, Ivan Starr, Sheldon Flute, and Lin Blacksmith.

Special pallbearers will be Hinhan Loud Hawk, Marlon Kelly, Ken Hill, Jeff Pourier, Stanton Starr, Ed Flute, Russell Fast Wolf, Sr., Lance Fillspipe, Dustin Starr, Duane Good Shot, Earl McConnel, Robert Rouillard, Sr., Moses Fast Horse, Jesse Sanchez, Trent Fast Wolf, BJ Little, and Lee Rouillard.

Honorary pallbearers will be Stephanie Starr & Family, Shirley Holy Rock & Family, Kim Stone & Family, Don & Caroline Slow Bear, Jenny Briseno & Family, Sarah Paddock & Family, Louella Broken Nose & Family, Pete & Starlett Fills Pipe, Ben Leonard, Lucy Little, Gayla Fills Pipe, Dylan & Beau Fills Pipe, Lloyd Rouillard, Sherry Morales, Nason Backs, Richard Broken Nose, Sara Bass & Family, Cedric Broken Nose, Elmer Red Starr, John Red Starr, Nellie Bald Eagle, Gloria Wounded Foot, Venus Rodriguez, Boltz Family, Josephine Sandcrane, Sonja John, Candy Hamilton, Rita Engle, Nora Rowland, Wanda, Sherry, & Bill Ten Fingers, Fred & Janet Stands, Christine Lajtay, Betty Fast Wolf & Family, Janet Fast Wolf & Family, Catherine Looking Elk & Family, Mary Homma, Bea Harper, Pauline Reed, Bob & Fedelia Cross, Julian Bear Runner, Leigh Little Finger, Tyler Yellow Boy, Lynn Gibbons & Family, Antoinette & Virgil Poafpybitty, Gayla Loafer & Family, Gayla Black Horn & Family, Lyle Weston & Family, Tlana Weston & Family, Gordon Weston & Family, Reuben Weston & Family, Late Goldie Eagle Louse Family, Jodi Kimmel, Mike Gunwall, Kris Cashon, Gardener Family, Elaine Steele, David & Janet Kelly, Ben Kelly, Justin & Marla Pourier, Len Davis & Family, Virginia Trueblood & Family, Pine Ridge I.H.S. A.C.N Unit Staff, Circle of Life, Prairie Winds Casino Staff & Bingo Friends-Jenny, Margaret, & June, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD