White Former Deputy Fired By First Black Sheriff For Racist Conduct Sued By Black Former Subordinate


     A white sheriff’s deputy in Wyoming fired by the state’s first Black sheriff for his conduct toward a subordinate who is Black is being sued in federal court by the second deputy.

      Former Albany County Sheriff’s Patrol Sgt Christian Handley is being sued by former Sheriff’s Corporal Jamin Johnson, who says he was subjected to years of racist name-calling and torment before “sham” discipline finally led him to quit. 

       Johnson alleges Handley called him the N-word and used racial epithets against him and other Blacks for years. Handley declined to comment Monday. 

      Sheriff Aaron Appelhans, who took office in 2020, fired Handley after an internal review substantiated some of Johnson’s accusations from earlier years. Sheriff Appelhans said Monday he’s made several changes to address the problems.