World’s Most Expensive Cow Lives In Brazil


     The Guinness Book of World Records says the most expensive cow ever sold at auction is Brazilian  

     The owners of Viatina-19 FIV Mara Moveis sold a one-third share last year for $1.3-million dollars, putting her full value at $4.2-million – 3 times more than the previous record. 

      Born in 2019, Viatina-19 belongs to the Nelore breed of the Zebus subspecies, which originated in India and has a distinctive hump and folds of draping neck skin. 

    Her huge auction price  reflects how quickly she put on vast amounts of muscle, her fertility, and how often she has passed those characteristics to her offspring.

      Also valued are posture, hoof solidity, docility, maternal ability, beauty, and size. Viatina-19 is.more than 2,400 pounds – twice as heavy as an average adult Nelore.

As a result, breeders pay around $250,000 for egg cells to implant in surrogates.