112 New Bills And Resolutions Introduced On Day 1 On 2022 Nebraska Legislature

     Wednesday was the first day of the second session of Nebraska’s 107th Legislature and although all bills that weren’t passed or defeated last year automatically carried over, there were 112 new bills and resolutions introduced 

        Limitations on abortion, tax policies, and gun rights were among the issues covered by the new legislation, which now goes to the various committees for hearings.

      43rd District Senator Tom Brewer of Gordon introduced a bill ending the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. 

      Brewer told Nebraska Public Media the $100-to-200 cost of a permit and required training keeps some people from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

Brewer says he’s making the measure his priority bill, which moves it up in the schedule for hearings and floor debate.

       Senator Julie Slama of Peru introduced a bill based on the controversial Texas law 

banning abortions after a fetal heartbear is detected, usually about 6 weeks into a pregnancy. Roe vs Wade allows abortions up to viability or about 20 weeks.

     Asked about the ban taking effect before many women would even know they’re pregnant, Slama said once a baby has a beating heart, it has a right to life – adding that some women don’t know they’re pregnant until they give birth.

    Violations of the ban could lead to felony charges, but a big difference between the Texas law and Slama’s bill is that while Texas turned enforcement over to private individuals through lawsuits, the Nebraska version leaves that power with the state.

      The chances of Slama’s bill passing seem dim; she has only 21 cosponsors – less than half of all senators and 12 short of the number needed to stop a filibuster.