2023 Private Pesticide Applicator Training Dates Announced

The 2023 private pesticide applicator training dates, times, and locations have been set. Notification letters will be sent out by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to applicators whose license will expire in 2023.

First, applicators’ new licenses will be tan in color and have the words “General Agriculture” and the code 00 printed on it. 

Second, applicators who wish to use soil fumigants will be required to pass the commercial Soil Fumigation (category 01A) exam to receive this certification. Also, if the applicator wishes to use non-soil, structural, or rodent burrow fumigants, they will be required to pass the commercial Non-Soil / Structural Fumigation (category 11) exam to receive this certification.

When the applicator passes the exam(s), categories 01A and / or 11 will be printed on their applicator license.

Applicators who use rodent burrow baits do not need these additional categories on their licenses to purchase and apply these products.                                

Training manuals for these categories are available for purchase on the https://pested.unl.edu/ website or call 402-472-1632 for more information. Applicators who want to add these categories to their license are encouraged to purchase the study manuals as soon as possible and review the literature prior to taking the exam(s).

Third, applicators attending any training session will need to provide proof of identification at the training site, such as a driver’s license.

The cost of the training is $50.00 payable the day of the training (Checks should be made payable to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln). You should have received a letter from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture reminding you of your license expiration. If you bring that letter with you the day of the training, you can save yourself time by handing it in and not filling out our form. The NDA letter will have a barcode that is needed for recertification.

Private pesticide license holders may recertify and those seeking an initial private pesticide license can do so by attending the Crop Production Clinic on January 4, 2023, at the Gering Civic Center. Pre-registration is made at http://agronomy.unl.edu/cpc

Private pesticide licenses also can be obtained by completing an online course. Pesticide applicators can purchase access to the online course via https://psep.education/applicator/. The cost of the course is $50. Call 402-472-1632 if you have any questions about this training.

The state pesticide license fee is $25.00 for private applicators. Upon completion of your private pesticide applicator training, the Nebraska Department of Ag (NDA) will receive your application form and then send you a billing invoice for the $25.00 state license fee. The license fee covers the three-year certification period. Upon receipt of the license fee payment, the NDA will issue your pesticide license card to you. The license fee collected by the NDA is transferred to the Nebraska Water Quality Enhancement fund. Your NDA private pesticide license card is required for the purchase and use of restricted use pesticides to produce Agricultural Commodities.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Nebraska Extension County office.

Nebraska Panhandle / Central Sandhills PRIVATE Applicator Trainings Available in 2023 
Wednesday, January 4Mullen – Hooker County Courthouse1:00 pm645-2267
Wednesday, January 4Crop Production Clinic – Gering Civic Center8:30 amhttps://agronomy.unl.edu/cpc
Thursday, January 12Hyannis – Grant County Courthouse1:00 pm645-2267
Friday, January 13Brewster – Blaine County Courthouse1:00 pm645-2267
Wednesday, January 18Thedford – Thomas County Courthouse1:00 pm645-2267
Tuesday, January 24Alliance – Knight Museum1:00 pm762-5616
Tuesday, January 24Sidney – Community Center8:30 am254-4455
Tuesday, January 24Sidney – Community Center1:00 pm254-4455
Thursday, January 26Scottsbluff – Panhandle Research & Extension Center8:30 am632-1480
Tuesday, January 31Chappell – Lions Den1:00 pm874-2705
Tuesday, January 31Chadron – Dawes County 4H Building1:00 pm432-3373
Thursday, February 2Kimball – Kimball County 4-H Building1:00 pm235-3122
Thursday, February 9Bridgeport – Prairie Winds Community Center1:00 pm262-1022
Tuesday, February 14Harrisburg – Banner County Courthouse1:00 pm235-3122
Tuesday, February 14Mirage Flats – St. Peters Church Community Center1:00 pm327-2312
Tuesday, February 21Crawford – Community Center1:00 pm432-3373
Thursday, February 23Oshkosh – Wesleyan Church1:00 pm772-3311
Thursday, March 9Alliance – Knight Museum1:00 pm762-5616
Thursday, March 16Harrison – Fire Hall1:00 pm432-3373
Thursday, March 23Scottsbluff – Panhandle Research & Extension Center1:00 pm632-1480
Tuesday, March 28Rushville – Sheridan County Extension Office1:00 pm327-2312

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