Jury Finds Doctor Who Claimed Self-Defense In Killing Her Husband Not Guilty On All Counts


      A jury in Lexington has found an Omaha doctor who claimed self-defense for shooting and killing her husband 2 years ago as they and their 2 young sons returned from a house-hunting trip to Scottsbluff Not Guilty on all counts.

    The jury needed just a few hours of deliberation on Friday before acquitting 33-year old Kathleen Jourdan of 2nd-degree murder and felony use of a firearm in the death of 35-year old Joshua Jordan. 

      Dr Jourdan was preparing to move to Scottsbluff to begin a residency at Regional West Medical Center when she killed her husband in their pickup parked along Interstate 80 near Lexington.

      During some 8 hours of testimony stretching over 2 days, she testified that her husband had been controlling and both physically and mentally abusive, isolating her from family and friends – especially after learning she’d had 2 affairs.

      Dr Jourdan testified she didn’t remember the subject of the argument that led him to suddenly pull off the freeway in June 2020, but does remember the look in his eye – calling it the same one she’d seen when he strangled her a few years earlier.

      She said she was afraid for her life and for her sons, who were in the back of the pickup, so she grabbed a pistol from the front seat center console and shot him before he could react,

     In closing arguments Friday morning, Prosecutor Liz Waterman told jurors the evidence was clear that Dr Jourdan lost her temper and acted out of rage when she shot and killed her husband.

     Defense Attorney Brian Davis asked the jurors to put themselves in her shoes and remember the history of her marriage, then decide if she acted in self-defense or not – reminding them that if she did, she committed no crime. 

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  1. In regard to ‘equal’ rights….maybe she wasn’t strong enough to just strangle him, as he had done to her in the past. Who knows how many times he had brought her to the point she thought she was going to die?

  2. Trust and believe, unless you have been in an abusive relationship,you have no idea of what you are talking about. If everything she says is true then she is lucky the gun was there and the children still have one parent!

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