$5-M Bail For Accused Killer Of 4 In NE NEB


     Bail has been set at $5 million dollars for the man charged with killing 4 people early last Thursday morning in the small northeast Nebraska town of Laurel, then setting their 2 homes on fire.

        42-year-old Jason Jones of Laurel faces 4 counts of 1st-degree murder, 2 counts of arson and 4 weapons counts. Jones remains in custody in a Lincoln hospital with severe burns apparently suffered in setting fire to the houses.

     Police say Jones killed his neighbor, 53-year-old Michele Ebeling, then went to a nearby home and killed 86-year-old Gene Twiford; his 85-year-old wife Janet; and their 55-year-old daughter Dana Twiford. 

First responders found Michele Ebling bleeding, according to court records. Life-saving measures were attempted, but Ebling died at the scene.

      Investigators found receipts for a gas can and gas in a backpack at Ebeling’s home and a gun at the Twiford residence all of which were linked to Jones.

     Court documents show investigators believe a pry bar was used to force open the back door of the Twiford home and a Molotov cocktail used to start the fire there.