Eastern Nebraska Sheriff Arrested For Insurance Fraud


      A long-time sheriff in eastern Nebraska was arrested Tuesday after a months-long investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol into insurance fraud. 

     46-year old Casey Hurlburt, Valley County Sheriff since 2008, was jailed briefly in the Hall County Detention Center and released late Tuesday afternoon. He’s scheduled to appear in Valley County Court next Wednesday.

      Hurlburt faces a felony charge of fraudulent insurance acts,  but details have not been released about what those alleged acts were. 

     Court documents show County Judge Kale Burdick had sealed records, including details of the alleged crime, last week at the request of the State Patrol investigator working the case. 

       The investigator wanted the records sealed until Hurlburt was arrested and it’s not clear when Judge Burdick will unseal them.

      The definition in state statute includes state statute seeking to obtain insurance proceeds via false information, or assisting someone else to do that.  Valley County Clerk Judy Bower says the charges don’t appear to be related to county business.

     Hurlburt was appointed sheriff in 2008, elected to a full 4-year term in 2010, and re-elected 3 times – including last year. 

      When 2 of his deputies were found guilty of drug possession 2 years ago, Hurlburt fired them and told TV station KFXL that violations of the law “will not be tolerated” in his department.

      He went on to say of the firings and the public trust placed in law enforcement officers, “this shows what happens when you do violate that trust. It will not be tolerated and we will continue to hold ourselves to a high standard,”

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